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History Major

Our history major offers a variety of courses designed to provide you with an understanding of historical and political processes. You’ll study a variety of fields and be introduced to advanced research, writing and social science research methods. A major in history provides excellent preparation for law school, government work, foreign service and various service industries and institutions.

The following is an overview of courses associated with our history major. We encourage you to speak with a faculty representative during your on-campus visit for detailed information about your specific program interests.

For an official description of courses and degree requirements, please reference our academic catalog.

History Major Core Courses

  • HST 104 Crisis and Change in History
  • HST 201 History of the United States I
  • HST 202 History of the United States II
  • HST 421 Senior Seminar
  • POS 201 American Government - National

Complete seven the following courses:

  • HST 210 World History-Prehistory to 1500
  • HST 211 World History-1500 to Present
  • HST 220 Michigan History
  • HST 301 Sectionalism and Reform (1815-1856)
  • HST 302 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HST 303 Colonial America
  • HST 304 America in the 20th Century
  • HST 305 American Constitutional History
  • HST 316 Russia Since the Bolshevik Revolution
  • HST 317 American Foreign Policy in the 20th Century
  • HST 319 The Modern Middle East
  • HST 327 19th Century American West
  • HST 341 American Women I
  • HST 342 American Women II
  • HST 350 Medieval History
  • HST 418 Independent Study
  • HST 422 Readings in History

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