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About the Department
The Mathematics and Computer Science Department includes majors in computer science and mathematics, an information technology management major and an actuarial science major, as well as teaching majors in secondary mathematics and computer science and elementary mathematics.  The department also offers secondary teaching minors in mathematics and computer science and an elementary teaching minor in mathematics.

The first course in the mathematics and computer science program is MTH 151 (Calculus I). Placement into this course usually requires four years of high school college preparatory mathematics or its equivalent as a prerequisite. The department also offers a sequence of supplementary classes designed to help the student fill any gaps that may exist in his or her secondary math preparation. These classes are numbered 100, 109 and 150 and are designed to meet student needs for high school general math, high school algebra and high school trigonometry. They do not count toward a major or minor.

50 Ways to use your Mathematics degree:
Mathematics degree (PDF file)

Department Chair

Ross Bohms
Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science Department;
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(269) 749-7135

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Faculty Members

Marcus Darden
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(269) 749-7663



Janine Peters
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science; MIAA Faculty Representative
(269) 749-7659

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Michael Fredericks
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(269) 749-7628

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Marco Wiedenhoeft
Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics
(269) 749-7140

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Rostam Sabeti
Adjuncnt Instructor of Mathematics


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