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About the Department
The combined program in anthropology and sociology provides service learning and career preparation opportunities for those interested and committed to promoting peace, understanding and positive change in society. The program helps students learn to ask questions about their society and other societies around the world, to think critically about answers to these questions, and to explore various opportunities for responsible, committed citizenship in an international community. A solid foundation in sociological and anthropological concepts is essential to this and is developed in self and community courses in the first year. Majors and minors then apply these concepts in thematic courses, practicums, and research experiences. In addition, majors and minors will be exposed to issues in cultural pluralism and diversity through course work in gender, ethnicity and social class, and in at least one course with an international focus.

The sociology and anthropology program emphasizes preparation for careers and graduate training in basic and applied social science fields such as social work, community relations, arbitration, criminal justice, education, international relations and service, human resources, and advocacy, as well as research and teaching.

Criminal Justice Program
Criminal Justice Program Web page

50 Ways to use your Social Science degree:
Psychology degree (PDF file)
Sociology degree (PDF file)

Department Chair

Cynthia Noyes
Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology;
Pre-Law Advisor
(269) 749-7144

Faculty Members                                    


Regina Armstrong 
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
(269) 749-7710

(faculty bio)


Craig Korpela
Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
(269) 749-7686

(faculty bio)


Linda Logan
Vice President of and Dean for Student Life;
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology;
(269) 749-6669



Nikki Magie
Assistant Professor of Social Science
(269) 749-7177      


Phil Reed
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; Director of the Criminal Justice Program
(269) 749-7142

(faculty bio)


Michael Sherzer
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Professor Emeritus
Joel Epstein
Professor Emeritus of History
(269) 749-7676

Don Walker
Professor Emeritus of History
(269) 749-7679   

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