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Lindsey Winters' Story

Written by: Carrie Jacob ’13, with contributions made by Shannon Tiernan, assistant vice president of marketing

Lindsey Winters, of Plymouth, has had a busy senior year. A double major in math and computer science, Winters is a member of the Sigma Zeta honors society, Society of Hosford Scholars, Mathletes and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and a Fellow of the President’s Leadership Institute. She played soccer for four years, and joined the track team this spring. She has also earned a spot on both the President’s and Dean’s lists numerous times throughout her years at Olivet.

To say the least, Winters is highly motivated.

In recognition of her efforts and academic prowess, she was awarded Olivet College’s inaugural David Cutler Fellowship at last spring’s Honors Convocation.

Created to honor alumnus David Cutler ’65, the fellowship is an annual merit award given to a student entering his or her junior or senior year of study in math, science or computer science.

“Being the first Cutler Fellow, what I appreciated most was sitting down with Dave Cutler Homecoming weekend,” Winters said. “I talked with him about my plans for the future. It was really nice being able to sit with him one-on-one and ask him questions.”

The award was presented to Winters with the expectation that she make a substantial contribution to the advancement of mathematics, science or computer science during her year as a Cutler Fellow. As such, Lindsey earned the opportunity to complete a significant internship, working with Olivet College alumna and board member, Karen Van Hentenryck ’81.

Van Hentenryck is the associate executive director of Health Level Seven International (HL7), a not-for-profit organization that provides a framework for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information. She hired Winters to collect and report on data associated with the launching of a help desk program, a new membership benefit for HL7.

“Lindsey worked closely with our webmaster and director of project management to develop metrics dashboards that were not only easy to understand, but clearly documented the source of each metric,” said Van Hentenryck. “One of the most rewarding experiences for us was when Lindsey announced that creating the dashboard was not an easy task and that she really needed to think about the data to be collected and the calculations required to report on the metrics we wanted. That’s when we knew she understood the project and when, I think, it really became fun for her.”

Winters was challenged by her assignment with HL7. Specifically, determining how to present data to those who didn’t understand it as well as she did. “I needed to ensure my findings were presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way for others,” she said. “Once I worked through that, it was nice to just worry about collecting and analyzing the raw data.”

Winters traveled to HL7 throughout the fall semester, and continued to work on the project from campus through March. She presented her final results as part of the college’s Dean’s Scholar Series.

“Most companies these days are using data to drive decisions,” said Van Hentenryck. “That’s why college interns like Lindsey, who have a strong math background and understand how to not only collect and mine data, but present it in ways that are easily understood, are in such great demand.”

Winters will launch her post-Olivet career May 27 when she begins working for New World Systems as an application specialist.

“I feel very honored and blessed to have gotten this opportunity at Olivet College,” added Winters. “For students who are considering Olivet, I say always put forth your best effort and strive for success. You never know who is watching and what opportunities may come as a result.”

What should your major be?

Let us help you pick a major that aligns with your interests!

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