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Payment Due Dates 

Fall 2014 Semester: Due Aug. 1, 2014
Accounts must be paid in full, or have an approved payment arrangement in place, by the due date in order to retain registration.

Spring 2015 Semester: Due Dec. 5, 2014
Accounts must be paid in full, or have an approved payment arrangement in place, by the due date in order to retain registration.

Student Payment Contracts
Payment in full must be paid by the due date listed above. If paying less than the amount due, a Student Payment Contract must be completed and mailed with any required documentation to Student Services.

In order to help you determine if Olivet College has all of your payment information please complete and return the Student Payment Contract. Insert the balance due on the billing statement in the “Charges Due” section of the form.  In the next section please list any payments or credits that are not listed on our billing statement that we may not be aware of.  Reduce the balance from the billing statement by any deductions we were not aware of and pay the balance due to the Student Services.

Payment Options
We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Olivet College approved tuition payment plans.  Please visit 
to make a payment with e-check or your credit card. Parents can access to make tuition payments once the student logs in. Select the Student tab and follow the instructions to set up a Parent Pin number. (Students must be assigned a log in number to access this feature.)

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plans
Olivet College offers plans which provide families a way to pay balances in installments. Registration for a payment plan may be done through the online portal at All payment plans require a $30 activation fee.
Students and parents who default on a payment plan will not be allowed to re-register in payment plans. Additionally, upon default of a payment plan, students will be removed from classes and full payment for the semester will be due immediately.

Student Loan Options (After Federal Stafford Loans)
Students often need additional loan options after receiving their financial aid award, which includes scholarships and grants from the college and Federal Stafford Loans.  Private loans provide a convenient alternative for many college students.  Please visit Olivet's Financial Aid page for information on additional loan (after Stafford Loans) options.

2014-15 Tuition and Fees Schedule

Full time (12-17 credit hours p/semester)
Student Fees (3 or more credit hours)
Student Government Fee
Dorm and Theme Houses
Gillette Student Village
Carte Blanche (19 meals p/week)
75 Block (75 meals p/semester)
Part time (less than 12 credit hours)
$780 p/credit hour
Overload (more than 17 credit hours)
$700 p/credit hour
Private Music Lessons
$425 p/credit hour
Summer Tuition 2014
$740 p/credit hour

2014-15 Master of Business Administration in Insurance Fees

Application Fee (one-time) Waived
Technology Fee (annual) $100
MBA - Master of Business Administration in Insurance $680 p/credit hour

2012-13 Master of Arts In Teaching Fees

MAT - Master of Arts in Teaching $400 p/credit hour

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