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Olivet College announces 2011 fall semester Dean's List
Feb 15, 2012

A total of 304 students have been named to the Olivet College 2011 fall semester Dean’s List.

To make the Dean’s List, a student must be full-time and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Students are listed in zip code order.

Note: * indicates that the student earned a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.

Alexander Alvarez of Eastpointe (48021)
Erin Sweeney* of Southfield (48033)
Rachael Wagner of Clinton Township (48036)
Brooke Leach of Clinton Township (48036)
Chelsea Mullins of Macomb (48042)

Julian Smith of Macomb (48044)
Robert Bidlingmaier of Chesterfield (48047)
Preston Treend of Casco (48064)
Kyle Witgen of Romeo (48065)
Kathleen Murphy of Berkley (48072)

Evan Platonas of Royal Oak (48073)
Derek Svoboda of Brighton (48114)
Ashley McMahon of Carleton (48117)
Scott Carr of Livonia (48152)
Anthony Giordano* of Livonia (48152)

David Pearson* of Livonia (48152)
Adrienne Jones of Livonia (48154)
Matthew VanHouten of Northville (48167)
Lindsey Maas of Pinckney (48169)
Kayla Sly* of Pinckney (48169)

Aaron Watkins of Rockwood (48173)
James DeRupa of Trenton (48183)
Olivia Gardner of Trenton (48183)
Kyle Gearns of Canton (48187)
Philip Bielak of Brownstown (48193)

Brandon McShane of Southgate (48195)
Charity Okwir of Ypsilanti Township (48197)
Alecia McWilliams of Detroit (48224)
Marcus Gleaves Detroit (48228)
Daniel Bohannon of Grosse Pointe Woods (48236)

Brandon Taylor of Oak Park (48237)
Madison Forsyth of Rochester Hills (48307)
Sarah Schertel of Farmington Hills (48331)
Zachary Schulz of Farmington (48335)
Allison Ullrich of Clarkston (48348)

Rachel Phillips of Highland (48356)
Joshua Crawford of Birch Run (48415)
Dakotah Ellis of Birch Run (48415)
Lauren Campbell of Fenton (48430)
Benjamin Steffler of Lapeer (48446)

Paige Sedgewick of Lennon (48449)
Brent Speer of Marlette (48453)
Jenna Edwards* of North Branch (48461)
Brandi Rimmer of Flint (48532)
Breana Trudell of Saginaw (48603)

Dylan Jensen of Mio (48647)
Trevor Tyler of Roscommon (48653)
Rachel Scribner of Millington (48746)
Shana Bush* of Alma (48801)
Alexander Bailey of Charlotte (48813)

Mindy Bond of Charlotte (48813)
Heidi Burtchett of Charlotte (48813)
Danielle Chauvin of Charlotte (48813)
Victoria Copenhaver of Charlotte (48813)
Elizabeth Corliss* of Charlotte (48813)

Anna Davis* of Charlotte (48813)
David Eggleston of Charlotte (48813)
Karmen Eggleston of Charlotte (48813)
Meghan Eldred of Charlotte (48813)
Michael Emenhiser of Charlotte (48813)

Trey Graves of Charlotte (48813)
Alissa Heiser of Charlotte (48813)
Carli Kirkham of Charlotte (48813)
Blaine Knapp of Charlotte (48813)
Tricia Mullins of Charlotte (48813)

Jennie Pitcher of Charlotte (48813)
Wendy Pitcher of Charlotte (48813)
Michelle Ruthruff of Charlotte (48813)
Travis Shumaker of Charlotte (48813)
Marcus Siedelburg of Charlotte (48813)

Charlie-Jo Smith of Charlotte (48813)
Ashley Tharp of Charlotte (48813)
Joseph White of Charlotte (48813)
Meghan Wilkerson of Charlotte (48813)
Jonah Wilson of Charlotte (48813)

Carly Guggemos of DeWitt (48820)
Lyle Klosterman of DeWitt (48820)
Esteban Russell of DeWitt (48820)
Lauren Lenard of Dimondale (48821)
Nicole Thorne of Eagle (48822)

Henry Pettway of East Lansing (48823)
Andrew Benkovsky of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Hannah Foster of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Kaitlin Greathouse of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Madelyn Hensley of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Jason Kibiloski of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Kelsey Miller of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Hannah Von Ilten* of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Megan Young of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Matthew Darling* of Elsie (48831)

Stephanie Wilson* of Greenville (48838)
Taylor Pringle of Haslett (48840)
Ronald Fesko of Henderson (48841)
Shannon Higbee of Holt (48842)
Katrina Hamel of Ionia (48846)

Jenna Mayle* of Ionia (48846)
Dalton Guggemos* of Laingsburg (48848)
Mackenzie Coddaire* of Lake Odessa (48849)
Kattie Stahl* of Lake Odessa (48849)
Trina Unger of Howell (48855)

Justin Ardelean of Owosso (48867)
Nicole Demerly of Owosso (48867)
Tyler Drake of Owosso (48867)
Nicole Lamrouex of Owosso (48867)
Alexis Lund of Owosso (48867)

Annette Johnson* of Perry (48872)
Jarred Goodman of Portland (48875)
Jared Luellen of Portland (48875)
Melissa Pohl of Portland (48875)
Jacob Schafer of Portland (48875)

Justin Schafer of Portland (48875)
Ashleigh Seal of Portland (48875)
Richard Lehman of Potterville (48876)
Lindsay Selis of Potterville (48876)
Michael Harden* of St. Johns (48879)

Megan Ward of St. Louis (48880)
Gregory Lutzke of Williamston (48895)
Taylor Ellis* of Lansing (48906)
Elaina Gonzales of Lansing (48906)
David Hernandez of Lansing (48906)

Tajalli Kelley-Graves of Lansing (48910)
Austin McGuire of Lansing (48910)
Parryss Carter-McGee of Lansing (48911)
Sydney Davis* of Lansing (48911)
Abigail Fangboner* of Lansing (48911)

Alma Torres* of Lansing (48911)
Brittany Turner of Lansing (48911)
Billyle Alman of Lansing (48912)
Matthew Newby of Lansing (48912)
Jennifer TenHaaf of Lansing (48915)

Kenneth Bedwell of Lansing (48917)
Elizabeth Mitchell* of Portage (49002)
Hope Burnham of Kalamazoo (49009)
Jenna Baker of Battle Creek (49014)
Lane Duckworth of Battle Creek (49014)

Jeffrey Holm of Battle Creek (49014)
Thomas Masters of Battle Creek (49014)
Nicholas McCleary* of Battle Creek (49014)
Taylor Shirton of Battle Creek (49014)
Alex Barton of Battle Creek (49015)

Jessica Frye* of Battle Creek (49015)
Sarah Gandy of Battle Creek (49015)
Brittany Hayes of Battle Creek (49015)
Geraldine Merrell* of Battle Creek (49015)
Darcy Wellington of Battle Creek (49015)

Keegan Clark of Battle Creek (49017)
Samantha Fick of Battle Creek (49017)
Preston Fishnick* of Battle Creek (49017)
Elizabeth Haviland of Battle Creek (49017)
Cassie McDonald of Battle Creek (49017)

Edric Miller of Battle Creek (49017)
Bradley Phelps of Battle Creek (49017)
Clara Reed of Battle Creek (49017)
Stephanie Ross* of Battle Creek (49017)
Cory Ballard* of Bellevue (49021)

Kelcey Clevenger of Bellevue (49021)
Ashlyn Coats* of Bellevue (49021)
Naomi Haralson (49021)
Sylvia Laymance of Bellevue (49021)
Amber LeClear of Bellevue (49021)

Christopher Mattea of Bellevue (49021)
Bethany Perry of Bellevue (49021)
Katie Platek* of Bellevue (49021)
Nicholas Smith of Bellevue (49021)
Tabitha Vance of Bellevue (49021)

Megan Wernowsky of Bellevue (49021)
Jacob Heller* of Portage (49024)
Zachary Williams of Burlington (49029)
Kori Kirkham of Centreville (49032)
Kalynne Allard of Ceresco (49033)

Evan Ziegler of Ceresco (49033)
Mallory Schug of Climax (49034)
Jamie Sturgeon* of Coldwater (49036)
Caitlin LaValley of Battle Creek (49037)
Kassandra Weinberg of Colon (49040)

Mahalia Stelter* of Covert (49043)
Jonathan Puente of Kalamazoo (49048)
Amy Zesiger of Galesburg (49053)
Kinna Parker of Grand Junction (49056)
Amber Chase of Hastings (49058)

Travis Farris of Hastings (49058)
Christopher Floyd of Hastings (49058)
Brenna Leedy of Hastings (49058)
Helen MacQueen* of Hastings (49058)
Sarah Phillips of Hastings (49058)

Lynette Ralicki of Lawrence (49064)
Chantell Ash of Marshall (49068)
Mariah Banghart of Marshall (49068)
Danford Byrens of Marshall (49068)
Stephanie Craw of Marshall (49068)

Samantha Daily of Marshall (49068)
Alexander DeFinta of Marshall (49068)
Jaime Devenney of Marshall (49068)
Megan Dobbertien of Marshall (49068)
Theron Frantz of Marshall (49068)

Nicole Howe of Marshall (49068)
Jeffrey Janofski of Marshall (49068)
Megan Jarvis of Marshall (49068)
Kelsie Kasuba* of Marshall (49068)
Alyssa Meny of Marshall (49068)

Kaitlyn Neale of Marshall (49068)
Tori Patton of Marshall (49068)
Ian Peters of Marshall (49068)
Megan Post of Marshall (49068)
Crystal Ramon of Marshall (49068)

Kristen Sharpley of Marshall (49068)
Matthew Siebert of Marshall (49068)
Brad Thenen of Marshall (49068)
Courtney Thurston of Marshall (49068)
Emily Tierney of Marshall (49068)

Ryan Underhill of Marshall (49068)
John Vercher of Marshall (49068)
Aaron Vorce of Marshall (49068)
Christopher Eldridge of Nashville (49073)
Darcey Turner* of Nashville (49073)

Tina Westendorp of Nashville (49073)
John Campbell of Olivet (49076)
Kelsey Campbell* of Olivet (49076)
Alyssa Cole of Olivet (49076)
Ashley Kerchmeier of Olivet (49076)

Ashley Klemanski of Olivet (49076)
Meagan Lietzke of Olivet (49076)
Abigail Maas of Olivet (49076)
Britney Page of Olivet (49076)
Alan Smith of Olivet (49076)

Brooke Sullivan of Olivet (49076)
Elizabeth Tengler* of Olivet (49076)
Gabrielle Vercher of Olivet (49076)
Blake Krum of Schoolcraft (49087)
Caitlin Gillies of Union City (49094)

Kathryn Stickney* of Union City (49094)
Emily Eldred* of Vermontville (49096)
Jeffery Fisher of Vermontville (49096)
Ashley Gonser of Vermontville (49096)
Matthew Woodman of Vermontville (49096)

Kourtney Moore* of Vicksburg (49097)
Candace Igert of Watervliet (49098)
Andrea Richardson of Watervliet (49098)
Brooke Coshow of Niles (49120)
Ashley Holloway of Niles (49120)

Rachael Horn of Niles (49120)
Arthur Moore of Niles (49120)
Richard Henry of Jackson (49201)
John Severance of Jackson (49201)
Grace Ross of Adrian (49221)

Benjamin Hawes of Albion (49224)
Kelly Morgan of Albion (49224)
Kelee Pace of Albion (49224)
Samantha Ward of Albion (49224)
Jalen Weaver* of Albion (49224)

Kelsey Singer* of Brooklyn (49230)
Ashley Hoath of Concord (49237)
Ashley Stark of Grass Lake (49240)
Thomas Adams of Homer (49245)
Catherine Ambler of Homer (49245)

Mason Novess of Homer (49245)
Joshua Warsop of Homer (49245)
Rebecca Gaarde of Parma (49269)
Megahn Piper of Parma (49269)
Lindsay Washburn of Parma (49269)

Ryan Armstrong of Rives Junction (49277)
Lindsay Dege* of Rives Junction (49277)
Joseph Cooper of Springport (49284)
Jesse Holmes of Springport (49284)
Daniel Fleet of Ada (49301)

Logan Renas of Big Rapids (49307)
Alivia Hammond of Byron Center (49315)
Alicia Selvig* of Casnovia (49318)
Erika Boulter* of Freeport (49325)
Cortney Wernette of Remus (49340)

Nicole Wernette* of Remus (49340)
James Heuker of Rockford (49341)
Ryan Reurink of Wayland (49348)
Rebekah Wiersma of Allendale (49401)
Jacob Blackmer of Hart (49420)

Caitlin Lohr of Holland (49423)
Korey Mervenne of Jenison (49428)
Chase Anthes of Ludington (49431)
Sara Horn of Montague (49437)
Nicolas Adsit of Muskegon (49441)

Jordonna Bergeron of Muskegon (49441)
Nicholas Allen of Scottville (49454)
Emily Koebel of Whitehall (49461)
Michelle Koebel of Whitehall (49461)
Elizabeth Bailey of Wyoming (49509)

Jessica Tighe of Brethren (49619)
Chelsea Goodman* of Reed City (49677)
Chelsea Guzikowski of Reed City (49677)
Stephen Wheelock of Traverse City (49684)
Rachel Cook of Traverse City (49686)

Jake Ceslick of Alpena (49707)
Mary Lamp of Alpena (49707)
Aaron Sullenger of Alpena (49707)
Emily Pieri* of Cedarville (49719)
Jensen Aubry of Grayling (49738)

Austin Clark of Ossineke (49766)
Erin Jarvie* of Rudyard (49780)
Daine Pavloski of Rudyard (49780)
Tyler Olinske of Negaunee (49866)

Georges Aoun of Venezuela
Chelsea Cloke of Bonita Springs, Fla. (34135)
Courtney Osborn of Grove City, Ohio (43123)
Jessica Howard of Fort Wayne, Ind. (46804)
Samuel Ansaldi of Guelph, Ontario (N1L1H2)

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