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Student Feature: Snow Fun
Mar 01, 2013

Originally published in The Echo Feb. 22, 2013

By Lindsey Cook, senior

The winter months at Olivet College can be a dreary time for students and faculty alike. It’s cold and windy, snowstorms make it difficult to get to class, and sometimes the constant gloom is just depressing. Winter won’t be around much longer, but it can seem like an eternity until the snow melts and the gray skies turn blue. There are a few cost effective options that will help pass the time, and maybe bring a little joy into the lives of Olivet College students and staff.

One way to turn an icy blizzard into a good day is to enjoy outdoor activities. According to Charlotte Michigan’s Parks and Recreation website, there is a sledding hill and a skating rink located behind the water tower on Shepherd Street, just past the railroad tracks. Charlotte is only 17 minutes away from Olivet, making it a short drive for anyone looking to take a mini-vacation from campus. Both the sledding hill and skating rink are open when there is snow on the ground, the website says.

Another way to stay busy is to get some exercise. There are gyms on campus, such as Cutler and Upton. The Upton Center Pool offers open swim hours as well. Students and faculty can swim for free, while there is a fee for Olivet residents. A schedule for open swim and gym hours can be found at

Exercise is good for the body, but it is also beneficial to the mind. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic say that exercise can help alleviate stress, which can build up during the colder months. With mid-terms finishing up on Olivet’s campus, this is probably true for many students as well as professors. Good exercise could help keep the stress at bay, as well as provide an opportunity to improve physical health and wellness.

If it is simply too cold to be outside, the Burrage Library is warm and inviting. In the library, there are thousands of books to browse, and the Cyber Caf offers hot beverages and soups that fight off the chill. The Kula Samba Theater, located next to the caf, is also open during the day. The theater provides free movie showings, with the first show time at 10 a.m. and the last at 10 p.m. The movie schedules are posted in the theater entryway weekly.

Here is what students on campus are doing to beat the cold:

Tori Patton, Senior, Special Education Major.

“I work out on my treadmill, and I spend time with my horses in the barn. It gives me a break from schoolwork, and allows me to relax and have time to myself.”

Rebecca Jones, Senior, Chemistry Major

“My family skis and I build snowmen. My boyfriend and I go on late-night cold walks. Other than that, my habits don’t really change during the winter.”

Marcus Greathouse, Junior, Computer Science Major

“Eat, sleep I stay warm because I don’t go outside. I don’t like the cold. I would love winter if it was warm.”

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