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Olivet College announces 2013 spring semester Dean's List
Jul 01, 2013

A total of 274 students have been named to the Olivet College 2013 spring semester Dean’s List.

To make the Dean’s List, a student must be full-time and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Students are listed in zip code order.

Note: * indicates that the student earned a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.

Alexander Alvarez of Eastpointe (48021)

Fallon Clancy* of Fair Haven (48023)

Erin Sweeney* of Southfield (48033)

Rachael Wagner* of Clinton Twp (48036)

Brooke Leach of Clinton Twp (48038)

Deanna Zolnoski of Macomb (48044)

Robert Bidlingmaier of Chesterfield (48047)

Preston Treend of Casco (48064)

Kyle Witgen of Romeo (48065)

Lucia McNally* of Berkley (48072)

John Leutzinger of Washington (48095)

Jack Griggs of Brighton (48116)

Kenneth Richmond of Brighton (48116)

Jarred Scheese* of Chelsea (48118)

Kira Gates of Grosse Ile (48138)

Anthony Giordano of Livonia (48152)

Adrienne Jones of Livonia (48154)

Caitlyn Kort of New Hudson (48165)

Matthew VanHouten of Northville (48167)

Lindsey Maas* of Pinckney (48169)

Augusta Kummer of Plymouth (48170)

Lindsey Winters* of Plymouth (48170)

Connor Plagens of South Lyon (48178)

Philip Bielak of Brownstown (48193)

Olivia Horgrow of Ypsilanti (48198)

Sarah Schertel* of Farmington Hills (48331)

Zachary Schulz of Farmington (48335)

Allison Ullrich* of Clarkston (48348)

Mellissa Bageris of Highland (48359)

Brooke Stano of Commerce Township (48382)

Alison Focht of Wixom (48393)

Joshua Crawford of Birch Run (48415)

Jared Kaczmarczyk of Clio (48420)

Jordan Harris of Fenton (48430)

Brent Speer of Marlette (48453)

Kyle Weisenberger* of Montrose (48457)

Jenna Edwards of North Branch (48461)

Gloria Cavett of Swartz Creek (48473)

Soquitta DeShazor of Flint (48505)

Breana Trudell of Saginaw (48603)

Bryce Baase of Saginaw (48604)

Ashley Partlo of Coleman (48618)

Zachary Kitzmiller of Midland (48640)

Dallas James of Roscommon (48653)

Sara Keys of St. Charles (48655)

Chelsea Luedtke of Millington (48746)

Shana Bush of Alma (48801)

Megan Vermillion of Bath (48808)

Levi Armstrong of Charlotte (48813)

Kinsey Bartlett of Charlotte (48813)

Katie Coles of Charlotte (48813)

Anna Davis* of Charlotte (48813)

Meghan Eldred of Charlotte (48813)

Joel Frith of Charlotte (48813)

Lauren Kirkham of Charlotte (48813)

Andrew McLain of Charlotte (48813)

Tricia Mullins of Charlotte (48813)

Megan Sowles of Charlotte (48813)

Daniel Throne of Charlotte (48813)

Joseph White of Charlotte (48813)

Shelby Williams* of Charlotte (48813)

Ian Wingate of Charlotte (48813)

Mariah Harris of Eaton Rapids (48817)

Perry Costello of DeWitt (48820)

Lauren Lenard* of Dimondale (48821)

Blayne White of Dimondale (48821)

Morgan Hall of Eagle (48822)

Andrew Benkovsky of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Taylor Ellis of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Kaitlin Greathouse of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Marcus Greathouse* of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Jessica Kibiloski of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Stephanie Lamb* of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Zachary Nash of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Amy Weston of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Matthew Darling of Elsie (48831)

Christopher Denney of Grand Ledge (48837)

Robert Knapp of Grand Ledge (48837)

Andrew Pabst of Grand Ledge (48837)

Stephanie Wilson* of Greenville (48838)

Sarah Ellithorpe of Haslett (48840)

Eric Dawdy of Holt (48842)

Justin Madar of Holt (48842)

Kelly Morrison of Holt (48842)

Joseph Myers of Holt (48842)

Haley Powers of Holt (48842)

Sondra Proctor* of Holt (48842)

Katrina Hamel of Ionia (48846)

Jenna Mayle* of Ionia (48846)

Amanda George of Laingsburg (48848)

Kattie Stahl of Lake Odessa (48849)

Andrew Simms of Lyons (48851)

Andrew Arras of Mason (48854)

Brooke Kastamo* of Howell (48855)

Trina Unger* of Howell (48855)

Eric Fox of Mt. Pleasant (48858)

LeeAnne Wonser of Mulliken (48861)

Tyler Everts of Ovid (48866)

Justin Ardelean of Owosso (48867)

Tyler Drake of Owosso (48867)

Alexis Lund of Owosso (48867)

Edward VanStrate of Owosso (48867)

Austin Dunn of Perry (48872)

Katharine Thelen of St. Johns (48879)

Cecilia Bayne of Six Lakes (48886)

Ryan Emmons of Stanton (48888)

Daniel Martin of Westphalia (48894)

Gregory Lutzke of Williamston (48895)

Emily Cusack* of Woodland (48897)

Heather Kennedy of Woodland (48897)

Holleigh Kennedy of Woodland (48897)

Eliseo Martin of Lansing (48906)

Sara Wegener of Lansing (48906)

Nicolas Keck* of Lansing (48910)

Rafael Revilla of Lansing (48910)

Sydney Davis* of Lansing (48911)

Billyle Alman of Lansing (48912)

Joshua Reynolds of Lansing (48917)

Judd Sikkema of Augusta (49012)

Kyle Baggerly of Battle Creek (49014)

Jacob Cuel* of Battle Creek (49014)

Jeffrey Holm* of Battle Creek (49014)

Brock Hubbard of Battle Creek (49014)

Joshua Jacobus of Battle Creek (49014)

Danielle Marsh of Battle Creek (49014)

Paige McCulloch of Battle Creek (49014)

Therri Smith* of Battle Creek (49014)

Shannon Turner of Battle Creek (49014)

Alex Barton of Battle Creek (49015)

Lydia Drikakis of Battle Creek (49015)

Jessica Frye* of Battle Creek (49015)

Andrew Goaley of Battle Creek (49015)

Brittany Hayes of Battle Creek (49015)

Travis Lankerd of Battle Creek (49015)

Thomas Masters of Battle Creek (49015)

McKenzie Skiendziel of Battle Creek (49015)

Samantha Fick* of Battle Creek (49017)

Preston Fishnick* of Battle Creek (49017)

Kirstin Langer* of Battle Creek (49017)

Joshua Mauk of Battle Creek (49017)

Cassie McDonald* of Battle Creek (49017)

Clara Reed of Battle Creek (49017)

Ashlyn Coats of Bellevue (49021)

Alfred McKeown of Bellevue (49021)

Amanda Tripplet of Bellevue (49021)

Derek Pyles of Bronson (49028)

Jamie Sturgeon* of Coldwater (49036)

Ruark Downing of Springfield (49037)

Caitlin LaValley* of Battle Creek (49037)

LeTesa Newsome of Battle Creek (49037)

Mahalia Stelter of Coloma (49038)

Kassandra Weinberg of Colon (49040)

Casey Lamp of Kalamazoo (49048)

Taylor Gorr of Dowling (49050)

Christopher Watkins of Grand Junction (49056)

Christopher Floyd of Hastings (49058)

Helen Macqueen of Hastings (49058)

Sarah Phillips of Hastings (49058)

Alexis Barroso of Marshall (49068)

Konner Bartlett of Marshall (49068)

Stephanie Craw* of Marshall (49068)

Samantha Daily of Marshall (49068)

Forrest Frantz* of Marshall (49068)

Theron Frantz of Marshall (49068)

Nicole Howe of Marshall (49068)

Blake Iobe of Marshall (49068)

Janaya Loular of Marshall (49068)

Colin Mengel of Marshall (49068)

Gordon Murphy of Marshall (49068)

Steven Osborn* of Marshall (49068)

Tori Patton* of Marshall (49068)

Lynette Ralicki* of Marshall (49068)

Kristen Sharpley of Marshall (49068)

Courtney Thurston of Marshall (49068)

Emily Tierney of Marshall (49068)

Melinda Winnie of Marshall (49068)

Tyler Britten of Mendon (49072)

Cody Ross* of Mendon (49072)

Angelina Daberkow of Nashville (49073)

Casey Eldridge of Nashville (49073)

Darcey Turner of Nashville (49073)

Tina Westendorp of Nashville (49073)

Sylvia Adsit* of Olivet (49076)

Kelsey Campbell of Olivet (49076)

Yuen Yu Chan of Olivet (49076)

Anthony Edwards of Olivet (49076)

Milie Funk* of Olivet (49076)

Kody LaPoint of Olivet (49076)

Meagan Lietzke of Olivet (49076)

Abigail Maas of Olivet (49076)

Mark Mack of Olivet (49076)

Ginger Major of Olivet (49076)

Britney Page of Olivet (49076)

Kendra Prentler of Olivet (49076)

Chelsea Simonetti of Olivet (49076)

Alan Smith of Olivet (49076)

Ethan Sylvester* of Olivet (49076)

Gabrielle Vercher of Olivet (49076)

Renee Code of Richland (49083)

Garner Small of Schoolcraft (49087)

Aaron Gumpert* of South Haven (49090)

Amber Rapelje of Tekonsha (49092)

Caitlin Gillies* of Union City (49094)

Mackenzie Inman of Union City (49094)

LuAnn Pickford of Union City (49094)

Kathleen Bukoski of Vermontville (49096)

Genie Gagnon of Vermontville (49096)

Justin Parks of Vermontville (49096)

Conner Magro of Bridgman (49106)

Jay Magro of Bridgman (49106)

Madison Siebenmark of Bridgman (49106)

Jacob Messner of Niles (49120)

Arthur Moore of Niles (49120)

Lauren Easton of Jackson (49201)

Katelyn Rhodes of Jackson (49203)

Benjamin Hawes of Albion (49224)

Carrie Jacob of Albion (49224)

Charlene MacKenzie of Albion (49224)

LaShawna Ross of Albion (49224)

Samantha Ward* of Albion (49224)

Jalen Weaver* of Albion (49224)

Jillian Dankert of Brooklyn (49230)

Thomas Adams of Homer (49245)

Catherine Ambler of Homer (49245)

Justin Gaeta of Horton (49246)

Elizabeth Klauka* of Leslie (49251)

Aubrey Stockmeyer of Leslie (49251)

Hailey Willett* of Leslie (49251)

Rebecca Gaarde* of Parma (49269)

Megahn Piper of Parma (49269)

Tia VanWinkle of Parma (49269)

Aimee Rockwell of Rives Jct. (49277)

Dylan Emens of Waldron (49288)

Alivia Hammond of Byron Center (49315)

Alicia Selvig of Casnovia (49318)

Erika Boulter of Freeport (49325)

James Collins of Lowell (49331)

Emily Heeren of Rockford (49341)

Jeremy Havens of Wayland (49348)

Thomas Tobolic of Wayland (49348)

Rebekah Wiersma* of Allendale (49401)

Lauren Harry of Fennville (49408)

Emily LaPorta of Hamilton (49419)

Korey Mervenne of Jenison (49428)

Sara Horn of Montague (49437)

Nicholas Allen of Scottville (49454)

Emily Koebel of Whitehall (49461)

Marlene Packer* of Grand Rapids (49505)

Michael Ash of Grand Rapids (49507)

Elizabeth Bailey of Wyoming (49509)

Jared Osbeck of Wyoming (49509)

Ty Rozema of Wyoming (49509)

Jessica Tighe* of Brethren (49619)

Chelsea Goodman of Reed City (49677)

Devin Blue of Traverse City (49684)

Stephen Wheelock of Traverse City (49684)

Jake Ceslick of Alpena (49707)

Mary Lamp of Alpena (49707)

Jensen Aubry* of Grayling (49738)

Linnea Brege of Rogers City (49779)

Erin Jarvie* of Rudyard (49780)

Daine Pavloski* of Rudyard (49780)

Brittany Maki of Eben Junction (49825)


Alyssa Granger of Vero Beach, Fla. (32963)

Chelsea Cloke of Bonita Springs, Fla. (34135)

Noah Keefer of Fayette, Ohio (43521)

Zachary Bingham of Wauseon, Ohio (43567)

Raquel Mazur of Griffith, Ind. (46319)

Katie Dobis of Munster, Ind. (46321)

Stefanie Lang of Valparaiso, Ind. (46383)

Ashton Skillon of Chicago, Ill. (60617)

Jorrit Grob of Netherlands

Ingmar Klienbannink of Netherlands

Georges Aoun of Casa, Venezuela

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