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Olivet College announces 2003-04 graduates
Jun 16, 2004

OLIVET, Mich. Olivet College recognized 139 graduates from the 2003-04 academic year during commencement ceremonies May 23.

Students are listed in zip code order.

The following students were recognized for receiving their Master of Arts in Teaching:

Gregory Rinehart of Charlotte (48813)
Tonya Sandborn of Sunfield (48890)
Kristen Schrauben of Lyons (48851)

The following were recognized for receiving their Bachelor of Arts degree:

Andrew Boyd of Algonac (48001)
John Lingenfelter of Centerline (48015)
Jeana Turcheck of Taylor (48180)
Adam Brown of Whitmore Lake (48189)
Ryan Fried of Grosse Pointe Woods (48236)
Antonio McBride of Oak Park (48237)
Michael Storer of Oak Park (48237)
Erin Wilson of Detroit (48239)
Clinton Harris of Sterling Heights (48312)
Bernard Petermon of Farmington Hills (48335)
Cameron Cichocki of Fenton (48430)
Sharon Thurlow of Gladwin (48624)
Katie DeBarr of Charlotte (48813)
Julia Draper of Charlotte (48813)
Angela Hull of Charlotte (48813)
Larissa Kequom of Charlotte (48813)
Julie McLeod of Charlotte (48813)
Brock Moore of Charlotte (48813)
Erin Palmer of Charlotte (48813)
Calise Shepherd of Charlotte (48813)
Dustin Slivensky of Charlotte (48813)
Sara Tate of Charlotte (48813)
Bryan Gilreath of East Lansing (48823)
Jasmine Hardy of East Lansing (48823)
Eric Fox of Fowler (48825)
Rachel Cattron of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Jason VanLuven of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Jeremy Miller of Fowler (48835)
Brooke Pierce of Grand Ledge (48837)
Michael Simpson of Haslett (48840)
Brooke Baker of Mason (48854)
DeLynn Dart of Mason (48854)
Branden Patrick of Potterville (48876)
Heather Walther of Essexville (48879)
Anna Marie Allen of Lansing (48910)
Elizabeth Linquist of Lansing (48910)
Lindsey Palmiter of Lansing (48910)
Alex Brooks of Lansing (48911)
Candice Kivel of Lansing (48911)
Jason Schmitt of Lansing (48917)
Thomas Woodward of Lansing (48917)
Taneisha Pointer of Lansing (48917)
Alvin Littel of Portage (49002)
Angela White of Kalamazoo (49004)
Victoria Ezell of Kalamazoo (49009)
Erin Moore of Kalamazoo (49007)
Chancellor Lee of Kalamazoo (49008)
Timothy Van Wormer of Kalamazoo (49008)
Alexus Gathercole of Athens (49011)
Carol Quist of Athens (49011)
Stephanie Burgess of Battle Creek (49014)
Jennifer Dadow of Battle Creek (49014)
Katie Bridges of Battle Creek (49015)
Melinda Nicola of Battle Creek (49015)
Olga Smith of Battle Creek (49015)
Benny Marquez of Battle Creek (49017)
Shanay Settles of Battle Creek (49017)
Megan Tenney of Battle Creek (49017)
Erin Harrison of Bellevue (49021)
Lori Heisler of Bellevue (49021)
Omar Hayat of Portage (49024)
Heather Cook of Coldwater (49036)
Holly Diamond of Coldwater (49036)
Jacob Marlow of Delton (49046)
Christine NeSmith of Delton (49046)
Joseph Richards of Galesburg (49053)
Ryan Vaughn of Galesburg (49053)
Lindsay Olds of Hartford (49057)
Lisa Williams of Hartford (49057)
Lauren Kandlstorfer of Marcellus (49067)
Leslie Booth of Marshall (49068)
Jamie Fry of Marshall (49068)
Laurissa Horvatinovich of Marshall (49068)
Leslie Hurd of Marshall (49068)
Andrew McCormack of Marshall (49068)
Travis Schellhammer of Marshall (49068)
Tracy Harmon of Mendon (49072)
Janet Adams of Nashville (49073)
Nathan Whitson of Olivet (49076)
Christopher DeBoer of Olivet (49076)
Kimberly Eishen of Olivet (49076)
Travis Gessner of Olivet (49076)
Tonja Hewitt of Olivet (49076)
Tammy Knox of Olivet (49076)
Beau Locker of Olivet (49076)
Tiffany Martin of Olivet (49076)
Linda McGuire of Olivet (49076)
Juan Otero of Olivet (49076)
Jonathan Ouellette of Olivet (49076)
Bethany Poyer of Olivet (49076)
Matthew Quigley of Olivet (49076)
Adam Harrington of St. Joseph (49085)
Laura Etchey of Tekonsha (49092)
Danielle Ray of Tekonsha (49092)
Trevor Blair of Union City (49094)
Ronald Cole of Buchanan (49107)
SeQuita Craig of Albion (49224)
Meredith Fogel of Homer (49245)
Katie Woodland of Pleasant Lake (49272)
David Pratt of Springport (49284)
Shasta Stepke of Springport (49284)
Tia Kirk of Ada (49301)
Jennifer Cusack of Freeport (49325)
Randy Cusack of Freeport (49325)
Randy Lance of White Cloud (49349)
James Virden of Branch (49402)
Amanda Tingay of Ludington (49431)
Harger Boal of Montague (49437)
Jason Anderson of Muskegon (49442)
Terrance Stewart of Muskegon (49442)
Ryan Jackson of Grand Rapids (49503)
Sarah Griswold of Grand Rapids (49503)
Drew Graham of Reed City (49512)
Joshua Lovendusky of Beulah (49617)
Ethan Smith of Traverse City (49686)
Shannon McHugh of Manistique (49854)

Out of State Students

Priyanka Mehra of Rego Park, N.Y. (11374)
Hera Haizel of Washington, D.C. (20001)
Karla Gillard of Stockbridge, Ga. (30281)
Thomas Stowe of Middlefield, Ohio (44062)
Timothy Compton of Valparaiso, Ind. (46385)
Dominick Catinella of Blue Island, Ill. (60406)
Everett Weatherspoon of Dolton, Ill. (60419)
Danielle Ross of Glenwood, Ill. (60425)
Dawn Ross of Glendwood, Ill. (60425)
Elliott Hitchcock of Chicago, Ill. (60619)
Chris Busch of Chicago, Ill. (60620)
Robin Morris of Chicago, Ill. (60649)
Amanda Nielsen of Glendale, Ariz. (85301)
Anthony Burgess of Barrie, Ontario (L4N5B6)
Tanja Rupert of Windsor, Ontario (N8R1R8)
Andrew Knight of Kingsville, Ontario (N9Y2E5)
James Neeley of Sudbury, Ontario (P3A 2S6)
David Celetti of Sault St. Marie, Ontario (P6C 4A7)
Tommi Hoogsteen of Sault St. Marie, Ontario (P6C3J7)
Daniel Berglind of Floda, Sweden

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