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Olivet College names 232 to Dean's List
Jun 24, 2004

OLIVET, Mich. A total of 232 students have been named to the Olivet College 2004 spring semester Deans List.

To make the Deans List, a student must be full-time and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Students are listed in zip code order.

Michael Mikalakis of Jeddo (48032)
Frank Barretta of Macomb (48044)
Jeremy Baldes of Roseville (48066)
Ashley-Rose Reim of Marysville (48074)
Fikile Mtshiya of St. Clair Shores (48082)
Molly Lipton of Ann Arbor (48103)
Courtney Ivan of Belleville (48111)
Justin Smelter of Gross Ile (48138)
Richard Strain of Livonia (48150)
Nathan Smith of Manchester (48158)
Lynn Pilbeam of Temperance (48182)
Coleen Dziurlikowski of Westland (48185)
Natalie Iacopelli of Southgate (48195)
Sharrielle Jones of Detroit (48217)
Alaina Mayfield of Detroit (48223)
Karrie McCrary of Detroit (48223)
Jaysen Brandt of Sterling Heights (48313)
Ann Marie Keisic of Sterling Heights (48312)
Katherine Roesch of Oakland Township (48363)
Marie Gouba of Novi (48375)
Matthew Jezior of Novi (48375)
Dustin Beck of White Lake (48386)
Carrie Abbott of Bad Axe (48413)
Francisco Sanson of Brown City (48416)
Mehgan Sanson of Brown City (48416)
Gabriel Pringle of Grand Blanc (48439)
Jole Wells of Lapeer (48446)
Andrea Mroczek of Marlette (48453)
Amanda Johnston of Mt. Morris (48458)
Kara Brinker of North Branch (48461)
Jessica Pletz of Lake (48632)
Amanda Charbonneau of Pinconning (48650)
Rachel Strelecki of Sterling (48659)
Amanda Hergenreder of Vassar (48768)
Joshua Truman of Bath (48808)
James Schnick of Belding (48809)
Kyle Vanderlaan of Belding (48809)
Jason Beam of Charlotte (48813)
Brandi Britton of Charlotte (48813)
Kristen Dixon of Charlotte (48813)
Katie Edick of Charlotte (48813)
Heather Gingrich of Charlotte (48813)
Jodi Griffin of Charlotte (48813)
Katie Hudson of Charlotte (48813)
Larissa Kequom of Charlotte (48813)
Stephen Kolomyjec of Charlotte (48813)
Erin Palmer of Charlotte (48813)
Amy Parish of Charlotte (48813)
Halie Scott of Charlotte (48813)
Jennifer Stanley of Charlotte (48813)
Kimberly Towe of Charlotte (48813)
Stacey Willard of Charlotte (48813)
Caitlin Cornell of Corunna (48817)
William Phillips of DeWitt (48820)
Michelle Simmon of DeWitt (48820)
Stephanie Reed of Dimondale (48821)
Jasmine Hardy of East Lansing (48823)
Paula Richardson of East Lansing (48823)
Courtney Johnson of East Lansing (48823)
Rachel Cattron of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Michael Davis of Eaton Rapids (48827)
James Hall of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Rebecca Hector of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Jason VanLuven of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Rebecca Gensterblum of Grand Ledge (48837)
Kimberly Horanburg of Grand Ledge (48837)
Patricia Westen of Grand Ledge (48837)
Kristin Bloomquist of Holt (48842)
Alexis Johnson of Holt (48842)
Christel Kendrick of Holt (48842)
Jaymee Scott of Holt (48842)
Elizabeth Flanary of Howell (48843)
Katharine Hertich of Howell (48843)
Karine Campbell of Ionia (48846)
Nate Rann of Laingsburg (48848)
Christina Coxon of Mason (48854)
Christopher Onze of Mason (48854)
Brian Schaeffer of Mason (48854)
Kevin Hoornstra of Potterville (48876)
Leighanne Larson of Williamston (48895)
Bryan Beverly of Lansing (48906)
Regina Bluemlein of Lansing (48906)
Rachel Pung of Lansing (48910)
Mary Ramsey of Lansing (48910)
Peter Cool of Lansing (48912)
Ann Grimm of Lansing (48912)
Anna Munk of Lansing (48912)
Mellissa Reed of Lansing (48917)
Taneisha Pointer of Lansing (48917)
Corey Jager of Kalamazoo (49001)
Denise Ritzer of Kalamazoo (49006)
Mary Rae Bonato of Kalamazoo (49008)
Angela Nowling of Kalamazoo (49008)
Jeremy Shephard of Kalamazoo (49009)
Ahmad Zeaiter of Kalamazoo (49009)
Todd Stafford of Allegan (49010)
Jeffrey Iciek of Allegan (49010)
Alexus Gathercole of Athens (49011)
Margaret Todd of Bangor (49013)
Melissa Russell of Battle Creek (49014)
Traci Scharrer of Battle Creek (49014)
Kristy Latimer of Battle Creek (49014)
Stephanie Burgess of Battle Creek (49014)
Emily Burdette of Battle Creek (49014)
Ashley Zaborski of Battle Creek (49014)
Laura Bailey of Battle Creek (49015)
Max Eichholz of Battle Creek (49015)
Jacquelyn McInnis of Battle Creek (49015)
Maria Piper of Battle Creek (49015)
Jeffrey Duke of Battle Creek (49017)
Fidel Gonzalez of Battle Creek (49017)
Matthew Luna of Battle Creek (49017)
Dekwan Morris of Battle Creek (49017)
Jessi Shaver of Battle Creek (49017)
Jennifer Bell of Battle Creek (49017)
Danielle Bauman of Battle Creek (49017)
Rosa Beck of Bellevue (49021)
Michael Bohms of Bellevue (49021)
Rachael Bohms of Bellevue (49021)
Courtney Clift of Bellevue (49021)
Christine Graham of Bellevue (49021)
Amanda Green of Bellevue (49021)
Justin Barnes of Portage (49024)
Gerald Thenen of Burlington (49029)
Katelan Schoen of Climax (49034)
Amya Rudnik of Delton (49046)
Travis Sleight of Delton (49046)
Maria Insalata of Dowling (49050)
Holly Mitchell of East Leroy (49051)
Joseph Richards of Galesburg (49053)
Jami Spencer of Galesburg (49053)
Ryan Newberry of Grand Junction (49056)
Elizabeth Gibbons of Hastings (49058)
Darice Shumway of Hastings (49058)
Jennifer Shaw of Hastings (49058)
Lauren Kandlstorfer of Marcellus (49067)
Adam Bell of Marshall (49068)
Kevin Brownell of Marshall (49068)
Stephen Critchlow of Marshall (49068)
Jennifer Dryer of Marshall (49068)
Deborah Evans of Marshall (49068)
Andrea Klotz of Marshall (49068)
Tyler LaFountain of Marshall (49068)
Zackry Langford of Marshall (49068)
Amber Leonard of Marshall (49068)
Bradley McCormack of Marshall (49068)
Eric Murray of Marshall (49068)
Danielle Post of Marshall (49068)
Jolene Sullivan of Marshall (49068)
Heather Wolf of Marshall (49068)
Jared Dell of Mendon (49072)
Matthew Brumm of Nashville (49073)
David Anderson of Olivet (49076)
Chad Boeneman of Olivet (49076)
Monica Boeneman of Olivet (49076)
Tamara Calkins of Olivet (49076)
Katherine Graebner of Olivet (49076)
Jeffrey Knight of Olivet (49076)
Bridget Kronner of Olivet (49076)
Lindsey Locker of Olivet (49076)
Matthew Miller of Olivet (49076)
Alexandru Otrezov of Olivet (49076)
Kelly Parker of Olivet (49076)
Isaac Pedelty of Olivet (49076)
Ashley Persons of Olivet (49076)
Bethany Poyer of Olivet (49076)
Prashant Rajbhandari of Olivet (49076)
Karla Saltzman of Olivet (49076)
Christine Schneider of Olivet (49076)
Kenneth Schriner of Olivet (49076)
Kyle Young of Olivet (49076)
Trevor Young of Olivet (49076)
Laura Herzog of St. Joseph (49085)
Stacey Stickney of St. Joseph (49085)
Ryan Bowling of Tekonsha (49092)
Trevor Blair of Union City (49094)
Amber Zeller of Union City (49094)
Caroline Chard of Union City (49094)
Nichole James of Vermontville (49096)
Ronald Cole of Buchanan (49107)
Emily Fix of New Buffalo (49117)
Amanda Adams of Jackson (49201)
Monica Davis of Albion (49224)
Heather Hinesman of Hudson (49247)
Andrew Kosinski of Pleasant Lake (49272)
Stephanie Smith of Waldron (49288)
Trenton Bronsink of Byron Center (49315)
Erica Anderson of Casnovia (49318)
Heather Boultinghouse of Gowen (49326)
Gina Willard of Kent City (49330)
Benjamin Barle of Lowell (49331)
Craig Carpenter of Lowell (49331)
Kristie Noall of Lowell (49331)
Mariah Mickelwait of Middleville (49333)
Wendy Mickelwait of Middleville (49333)
Jennifer Feringa of Rockford (49341)
Jameson Rau of Sparta (49345)
Randy Lance of White Cloud (49349)
James Virden of Branch (49402)
Ananta Fetters of Fennville (49408)
Janet Stam of Holland (49423)
Rachel Vilums of Hudsonville (49426)
Justin Hemmer of Ludington (49431)
Harger Boal of Montague (49437)
Allison Shankinis of Muskegon (49442)
Michael Haenisch of Belmont (49506)
Seth VanHeulen of Grand Rapids (49546)
Kristin Dickinson of Cadillac (49601)
Willem Drogt of Kewadin (49648)
Stephanie Green of Leroy (49655)
Jaime Stenz of Alpena (49707)
Nicholas McIntosh of Petoskey (49770)
Levi Wagner of Engadine (49827)
Stacey Way of Escanaba (49829)

Out of state students:

Priyanka Mehra of Rego Park, N.Y. (11374)
Robyn Phipps of Dale City, Va. (22193)
Timothy Compton of Valparaiso, Ind. (46385)
Eric Bryan of Fremont, Ind. (46737)
Adeola Oladele of Oak Creek, Wis. (53154)
Swastika Shrestha of Madison, Wis. (53703)
Dana Cole of Chicago, Ill. (60629)
Rachel Loud of Boise, ID (83713)
Levi Yockey of Phoenix, Ariz. (85035)
Jeffrey Jardine of Collingwood, ONT (L9Y2K6)
Ryan Spencer of Chatham, ONT (N7L3W4)
Andrew Knight of Kingsville, ONT (N9Y2E)
Kyle Thibeault of Sault Ste. Marie, ONT (P6B4R5)
David Celetti of Sault Ste. Marie, ONT (P6C4A7)
Stewart Halstead of Kelowna, BC (V1Z2Z9)
Daniel Berglind of Floda, Sweden
Hristo Kozhuharov of Svilengrad Haskovo, Bulgaria
Pritesh Samuel of Jhansi, India

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