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Olivet College announces 2008 fall semester Deanís List
Jan 09, 2009

A total of 250 students have been named to the Olivet College fall semester Deans List.

To make the Deans List, a student must be full-time and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Students are listed in zip code order.

Note: * indicates that the student earned a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.

Terrence Stephens of Clinton Township (48035)
James Neal of Marysville (48040)
Katie Hedge of Lenox (48048)
atelyn Misko of Casco (48064)
Felicia Brown of Bruce Township (48065)

Christopher Baldes of Roseville (48066)
Christine Moulton* of Royal Oak (48073)
Adam Ruhle of Royal Oak (48073)
Loree Bradacs of St. Clair Shores (48081)
Ashley Adams of Brighton (48114)

Sara Griffith of Brighton (48114)
Samantha Keiffer of Brighton (48114)
Stacey Szerlag of Brighton (48114)
Richard Kinsey of Chelsea (48118)
April Cupps of Garden City (48135)

Louis Piszker of Lincoln Park (48146)
Lauren Siedlik of Livonia (48154)
Corey Donaldson of Pinckney (48169)
Tanya Rentz of Pinckney (48169)
Heather Michalsen* of Plymouth (48170)

James Watkins of Rockwood (48173)
Lauren Fishwick of Trenton (48183)
Olivia LaFortune of Westland (48186)
Christopher Gregory of Canton (48187)
Benjamin Kosmalski of Canton (48187)

Crystal Adams of Whitmore Lake (49189)
Anabel Montalvo* of Detroit (48210)
Faith Hatt of Rochester Hills (48306)
Katie Koralewski of Sterling Heights (48312)
Lindsey Tarrant of Waterford (48329)

Kellen Beckwith* of Farmington Hills (48334)
Jeremy Adams of Novi (48374)
Ryan Hummel of Commerce (48382)
Kenneth Harthun of White Lake (48386)
Lindsay Pipkin of White Lake (48386)

Corie Greene of Brown City (48416)
Lauren Campbell of Fenton (48430)
Crystal Goin of Fenton (48430)
Thomas Koresh of Fenton (48430)
Krystal Heeres of Flushing (48433)

Justin Pitt of Imlay City (48444)
Paige Sedgewick of Lennon (48449)
Benjamin Hitchcock of New Lothrop (48460)
Natalie Cavett of Swartz Creek (48473)
Ryan Hodges of Swartz Creek (48473)

Timothy Esper of New Hudson (48615)
Ellen Schulz* of Freeland (48623)
Michelle Erskine* of Hemlock (48626)
Amy Terres* of Bath (48808)
Alaina Beam of Charlotte (48813)

Danielle Chauvin of Charlotte (48813)
Nissae Converse of Charlotte (48813)
Stephanie Dixon of Charlotte (48813
Lynsey Dreps of Charlotte (48813)
Lindsey Eldred of Charlotte (48813)

Joel Fox of Charlotte (48813)
Katie Kirkham of Charlotte (48813)
Wendy Pitcher of Charlotte (48813)
Travis Shumaker of Charlotte (48813)
Marcus Siedelberg of Charlotte (48813)

Derrik Southern of Charlotte (48813)
Ashley Tharp of Charlotte (48813)
Jessy Thomas of Charlotte (48813)
Jonah Wilson of Charlotte (48813)
Steven Oginsky of Corunna (48817)

William Albrecht of Dimondale (48821)
Stephen Anderson of East Lansing (48823)
Joseph Whetzel* of East Lansing (48823)
Ashley Ball of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Kerry Davis of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Morgan Heintz* of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Ashleigh Lease of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Amy McVicker of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Amanda Miller of Eaton Rapids (48827)
Jessica Zentz of Elsie (48831)

Justine Nowlen of Fowlerville (48836)
Chad Fulk of Holt (48842)
Cameron Rodgers of Holt (48842)
Derek Gokee of Ionia (48846)
Megan Rimmel* of Ithaca (48847)

Zachary Coddaire of Lake Odessa (48849)
Corey Evans of Mason (48854)
Kayla Green of Mason (48854)
Charlene Baker of Howell (48855)
Kevin Shettler of Mulliken (48861)

Gabrielle Federau of Okemos (48864)
Nicole Demerly of Owosso (48867)
Ashley Pugh of Owosso (48867)
Nickolas Hilley* of Portland (48875)
Traci Kramer* of Potterville (48876)

Christina Lehman of Potterville (48876)
Laurie Thomas of Potterville (48876)
Michael Harden of St. Johns (48879)
Megan Ward of St. Louis (48880)
Kimberly Travis of Shepherd (48883)

Nicholas Hamilton of Williamston (48895)
Karlie McManaman of Williamston (48895)
Jonathon Vogler of Lansing (48906)
Tham Doan of Lansing (48910)
Tajalli Kelley-Graves* of Lansing (48910)

Matthew Jenca of Lansing (48911)
Alma Torres of Lansing (48911)
Brad Voss of Lansing (48911)
Kellie Carden of Lansing (48917)
Ethan Felsing of Lansing (48917)

Christopher Johnson of Lansing (48917)
Lauren Olin of Lansing (48917)
Justine Zachos of Lansing (48917)
Elizabeth Mitchell of Portage (49002)
Kelly Schulze of Kalamazoo (49009)

Katelyn Harmon* of Augusta (49012)
Jordan Dornan of Bangor (49013)
Justin Gargus* of Bangor (49013)
Cassandra Barnes of Battle Creek (49014)
Caitlin Barrington-Reed* of Battle Creek (49014)

Tiffany Carter of Battle Creek (49014)
Amber Conrad of Battle Creek (49014)
Mary Herman* of Battle Creek (49014)
Megan McCarty of Battle Creek (49014)
Jennifer McCreight-McCleary* of Battle Creek (49014)

Erica Place* of Battle Creek (49014)
Jonathan Bachman of Battle Creek (49015)
Danielle Gandy of Battle Creek (49015)
Fidel Gonzalez of Battle Creek (49015)
Kyle Labrecque of Battle Creek (49015)

Cameron LaFountain of Battle Creek (49015)
Caleb Donnell* of Battle Creek (49017)
Bradley Phelps of Battle Creek (49017)
Cory Ballard of Bellevue (49021)
Mercedes Bernheisel of Bellevue (49021)

Jessica Frayer of Bellevue (49021)
Jacob Heller* of Bellevue (49021)
Amber LeClear of Bellevue (49021)
Robert Simons of Bellevue (49021)
Nicholas Smith* of Bellevue (49021)

Emlyn Thomas* of Bellevue (49021)
Tabitha Vance of Bellevue (49021)
Cristopher Behnke of Bellevue (49021)
Matthew Kerwin of Bellevue (49021)
Mary Conlon of Portage (49024)

Matthew Smoker of Bronson (49028)
Kalynne Allard of Ceresco (49033)
Desiree Rothwell* of Ceresco (49033)
Jared Thornton of Colon (49040)
Birgit Lauderdale of Covert (49043)

Amber Haan of Galesburg (49053)
Brittani Kincaid* of Gobles (49055)
Amber Chase of Hastings (49058)
Kristin Chase of Hasting (49058)
John Bauman* of Jones (49061)

Sarah Bronson* of Marshall (49068)
Graham Byrens of Marshall (49068)
Kirk Byrens of Marshall (49068)
Kelly Collins* of Marshall (49068)
Casey Eash* of Marshall (49068)

Sean Ferencz of Marshall (49068)
Corey Murphy of Marshall (49068)
Clay Robinson* of Marshall (49068)
Matthew Siebert of Marshall (49068)
Ryan Underhill of Marshall (49068)

Marcus Vallar of Marshall (49068)
Aaron Vorce of Marshall (49068)
Amanda Willerick of Marshall (49068)
Katie Wolf of Marshall (49068)
Erica Bohms of Mattawan (49071)

Jacob Bohms of Mattawan (49071)
Melissa Bender of Nashville (49073)
Joseph Desrochers of Nashville (49073)
Jarrett Boyer of Olivet (49076)
Myra Cronkhite* of Olivet (49076)

Anna Hammond of Olivet (49076)
Tracy Harmon* of Olivet (49076)
Justin Hutchison of Olivet (49076)
Ashley Klemanski of Olivet (49076)
Blair Kronner of Olivet (49076)

Emily Mason of Olivet (49076)
Sarah May of Olivet (49076)
John Mullen of Olivet (49076)
Britney Page of Olivet (49076)
Shane Storey of Olivet (49076)

Elizabeth Tengler of Olivet (49076)
Cody Ward of Olivet (49076)
Charity West of Olivet (49076)
Ericka Williams of Plainwell (49080)
Jacqueline Taylor* of Plainwell (49080

Cassandra Bowerman of Quincy (49082)
Craig Harvey of Richland (49083)
Luann Pickford of Sherwood (49089)
Mya Kavanaugh of Tekonsha (49092)
Nicole Babcock* of Three Rivers (49093)

Mackenzie Heator of Union City (49094)
Jesse Barber of Vandalia (49095)
Emily Eldred* of Vermontville (49096)
Candace Igert* of Watervliet (49098)
Andrea Richardson of Watervliet (49098)

Jennifer Malm* of Bridgman (49106)
Jaclyn Mummaw of Buchanan (49107)
Megan Bender of Albion (49224)
Anna Lorena EldenBrady* of Albion (49224)
Angellika Fugate of Albion (49224)

Kelly Morgan of Albion (49224)
Kelsey Singer* of Brooklyn (49230)
Joel Childrey of Concord (49237)
Lisa Cole* of Homer (49245)
Joanne Osborn of Homer (49245)

Kelen Gailey* of Leslie (49251)
Aryn Perkins of Leslie (49251)
Caitlin Thilo of Onondaga (49264)
Kacie Rosecrants of Parma (49269)
Jeffrey Cooper of Springport (49284)

Joseph Cooper of Springport (49284)
Jesse Holmes if Springport (49284)
Bethany Merfeld of Waldron (49288)
Michael Mette of Belmont (49306)
Allison Kortz of Cedar Springs (49319)

Courtney Osborn of Dorr (49323)
Sarah Fitzpatrick* of Lowell (49331)
Nicole Wernette of Remus (49340)
Natalee Singleton of Sand Lake (49343)
Jason Brew of Sparta (49345)

Megan Colby* of Sparta (49345)
Kyle Vanderhyde* of Sparta (49345)
Travis Stickler of Wayland (49348)
Philip Koops of Hamilton (49419)
Caitlin Lohr of Holland (49423)

Kelly Modad of Holland (49423)
Alyssa Frederick of Holland (49424)
Christopher VanDalsen of Jenison (49428)
Chase Anthes of Ludington (49431)
Nicolas Adsit of Muskegon (49441)

Emily Brown of Muskegon (49441)
Marshall Bouwman of Zeeland (49464)
Nicole Gregory of Grand Rapids (49504)
Robert Zenner of Kingsley (49649)
Sarah Skiver* of Manton (49663)

Kyle Walkowiak of Traverse City (49684)
Rachel Cook of Traverse City (49684)
Emily Pieri* of Cedarville (49719)
Madison McKenzie* of Charlevoix (49720)
Kelsie Kasuba of Rogers City (49779)

Tyler Olinske of Negaunee (49866)
April Juntunen of Chassell (49916)

Brian Jaffee* of Bowling Green, Ohio (43402)
Sam Jaffee of Bowling Green, Ohio (43402)
Alex Braner of Belmond, Iowa (50321)
Anna Braner of Belmond, Iowa (50321)
Benjamin Chee of Marengo, Ill. (60152)

Leah Shipherd* of Pleasant Hill, Calif. (94523)
Tanja Rupert of Windsor, Ontario, Canada (N8R1R8)
Jean Paul Cortes* of Morelia, Mexico

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