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People at Olivet College

Admissions: 1-800-456-7189 or via email at

Alumni Relations: Marty Jennings, director of alumni engagement
(269) 749-7644 or

Athletic Director: Karine Walters, assistant to the athletic director
(269) 749-7601 or

Housing: Jason Meadows, associate dean of student life
(269) 749-7631 or

Make a Gift: Michelle Wallenberg, assistant to the vice president for advancement
(269) 749-7932 or

Media Relations: Molly Goaley, director of college relations
(269) 749-7141 or

Office of Student Life: Jason Meadows, associate dean of student life
(269) 749-7631 or

President’s Office: Barb Spencer, executive assistant to the president
(269) 749-7642 or

Provost Office: Mary Anne McMullen, executive assistant to the provost
(269) 749-7131 or

Request a Transcript: Leslie Sullivan, registrar
(269) 749-7638 or

Student Services: Shawn Holt or
Gayle Dotts (269) 749-7645

For a complete listing of Olivet College employees, see below.


Suresh Acharya
Assistant Vice President for Technology
(269) 749-7583

Regina Armstrong
Director of Criminal Justice;
Director of Correction Officer Academy;
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
(269) 749-7710

Delstene Atkinson
Assistant Vice President for Advancement
(269) 749-7672

Jeri Jo Attwell
(269) 749-7646

Nicole M. Baker
Assistant Dean for Academic Records
(269) 749-7390

Cindy Ballard
(269) 749-7646

Cory Ballard

Matt Bennett
Maintenance Tradesperson

Walker Beverly IV, Ph.D. 
Adjunct Instructor of Education
(269) 749-7574

Ross Bohms
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(269) 749-7135

Bobbie Brandon

Carol A. Breed, J.D.
Director of Risk Management and Insurance Center;
Professor of Business and Insurance
(269) 749-7664

Brandon Brissette
Head Wrestling Coach;
Instructor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-7671

Lori A. Britton
Certification Officer; Administrative Assistant for
Education Department
(269) 749-7109

April Brooks
Adjunct Instructor of Geology
(517) 543-8671

Jack Brown
Olivet Congregational Church Minister;
Adjunct Instructor of Religion
Olivet Congregational Church
(269) 749-2631

Matthew Brown
Regional Director for Development

R. Wayne Buletza
Adjunct Instructor of Education

Dan Bulley
​Head Men's Soccer Coach
(269) 749-6611

Nicole Burford
Head Women's Basketball Coach;
Instructor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-7156

Sylvia Burkett
Bookstore Manager
(269) 749-7394 and 7101

Dustin Byrd
Assistant Professor of Humanities
(269) 749-7382

Karen Chaney, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Chair,
Liberal Arts Core Curriculum;
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Ethics
(269) 749-7726

Deborah J. Clark
Adjunct Instructor of Interdisciplinary Studies
(269) 749-7227

Chris Coles
Head Men's Basketball Coach
(269) 749-7674

Steven M. Corey, Ph.D.
(269) 749-7642

Amanda Cox
Assistant Athletic Trainer
(269) 749-7522

Christopher Crosby
Physical Plant Tradesperson
(269) 749-7646

Crystal Davis
Assistant Coach Women's Basketball

Maria G. Davis, Ph.D.
Provost and Dean of the College; Professor of Biology
(269) 749-7643

Shea Davisson
Head Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Coach
(269) 749-7195

Andrew DeBruyn
head Men's and Women's tennis Coach
(269) 749-7116

Julia DeRosa
Adjunct Vocal Instructor
(269) 749-7724

Gayl Dotts
Customer Service Specialist
(269) 749-7645

Jeremy Duby
Director of Bands
(269) 749-7158

Ryan Ehm
Men's Basketball JV Coach/Graduate Assistant
(269) 749-7674

Thia Eller
Assistant Professor of Art
(269) 749-7120

Stephen Ernst
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
(269) 749-7126

Judy M. Fales
Library Director; Co-Advisor for International Students
(269) 749-7595

Michael F. Fales
Director of Service Learning and Campus Ministries;
Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Religion;
Co-Advisor for International Students
(269) 749-7624

Debra K. Farmer
Business Office Specialist - Junior Accountant/Accounts Payable
(269) 749-7604

James Farnum
Head Softball Coach;
Assistant Professor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-6604

Patrick Fields, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
(269) 749-7761

Carol Flanigan
Director of Annual Giving
(269) 749-7625

Timothy Flynn, Ph.D.
Chair, Performing Arts Department;
Music Program Director and Professor of Music
(269) 749-7660

Michael Fredericks
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(269) 749-7628

Lisa Furman, Ph.D.
Director of Education
(269) 749-7682

Cynthia Gatewood
Adjunct Instructor of Interdisciplinary Studies
(269) 749-7678

Jonathan Gewirtz
Adjunct Instructor (saxophone); Jazz Ensemble Director
(269) 749-7693

Dali Giese
Instructor of Risk Management and Insurance
Eaton Intermediate School District Insurance Instructor
(269) 749-7102

Terri Glasgow, J.D.
Director of Human Resources
(269) 749-7623

Molly Goaley
Director of College Relations
(269) 749-7141

Charles A. Graessle
Professor of Psychology;
Director of Institutional Research
(269) 749-7603

Adam Gross
(269) 749-6671

Adam Hague
Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
(269) 749-7399

Sandra K. Harmon
(269) 749-7646

Ed Heator
Development Officer
(269) 749-6691

Michael Hebenstreit
Maintenance Tradesperson
(269) 749-7646

Brian Heisler
Maintenance Tradesperson
(269) 749-7646

Christine D. Heisler
General Services Supervisor
(269) 749-7597

Geoff Henson
Sports Information Director
(269) 749-7602

Margaret Heppner
Administrative Assistant for Admissions
(269) 749-7524

Casey Hilts
Men's Volleyball Coach
(269) 749-6677

John S. Homer, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics
(269) 749-7150

Shawn Holt
Customer Service Specialist
(269) 749-7645

Matthew Holtz
​Head Coach Men's Lacrosse

Brenda S. Hopkins
Administrative Assistant, Chartwells

Thomas Humphreys
Assistant Professor of Insurance and Risk Management 
(249) 749-7664

William B.J. Hull
Vice President for Advancement
(269) 749-7535

Sharonda Hurd
Senior Woman Administrator
(269) 749-7490

Carrie M. Jacob
Community Service Coordinator
(269) 749-7127

Libby Jean
Director of Student Services
(269) 749-7655

Marty Jennings
Director of Alumni Engagement
(269) 749-7644

Stacey R. Jones
Adjunct Instructor of Music (percussion)
(269) 749-7113

Nick Juday
Chair, Health and Human Performance Department;
Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-7269

Bryce Katz
Information Technology Services
(269) 749-6623

Ramona Kime, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Music
(269) 749-7692

Diane Kirkham
Internship Coordinator
(269) 749-7437

Lauren Kirkham
​Academic Enrollment Specialist
(269) 749-

Leah R. Knapp, D.V.M.
Professor of Biology; Biology Program Director
(269) 749-7106

Craig W. Korpela, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
(269) 749-7686

Kirk Hendershott-Kraetzer, Ph.D.
Professor of Humanities
(269) 749-7621

Cameron Lake
ITS Technology Specialist
(269) 749-7400 or 7666


Michelle Lang
Assistant Director of Admissions
(269) 749-7756

Richard Larson
Adjunct Instructor of Art
(269) 749-7121

Lisa Lehman
Director of Admissions
(269) 749-7658

Richard Lehman
(269) 749-7751

Susanne Lewis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry;
Chemistry Program Director
(269) 749-7629

Linda Logan, Ph.D.
Vice President and Dean for Student Life
(269) 749-6669

Jackie Looser
Vice President for Finance and Administration
(269) 749-7700

Karen Lutzke
Head Women's Cross Country Coach;
Associate Women's Track and Field Coach
(269) 749-6686

Bill Maas
Academic Counselor; Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach
(269) 749-7567

Laura Barlond-Maas
Associate Professor of English; Director of Writing Programs
(269) 749-7678

Nikki Magie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Social Science; Archivist

Ted Mahan
Head Baseball Coach; Instructor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-4184

Ben Marciniak-Jennings
Food Service Director, Chartwells
(269) 749-7410 and 7378

Kim McGowan
Head Women's Soccer Coach
(269) 749-7155

Mary Anne McMullen
Executive Assistant to the Provost
(269) 749-7618

Jason Meadows
Associate Dean for Student Life
(269) 749-7172

Megan Merchant
Head Volleyball Coach
(231) 519-2745

Erica Moats
ITS Systems Coordinator
(269) 749-7151

John Moore
Assistant Professor of Psychology
(269) 749-7579

Dan Musielewicz
Football Offensive/Recruiting Coordinator
(269) 749-6615

Sandra Nelson
Assistant Professor of Education/Student Teaching Supervisor

Cynthia E. Noyes, J.D.
Chair, Social Science Department; Professor of Sociology and Anthropology;
Pre-law Advisor; Director, Women's Resource Center
269) 749-7144

Nikki W. O'Meara
Director of Content Strategy
(269) 749-7192

Ione Ormsbee
(269) 749-7646

Justin Otis

Mindy Otto
Head Cheerleading Coach

Michael Oyster
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Division Head, Business Administration Department
(269) 749-7610

Kelly Parker
Insurance Program Administrator
(269) 749-7626

KayDee Perry
Assistant Professor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-7324

Janine Peters
Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science Department,
Assistant Professor of Mathematics;
MIAA Faculty Athletic Representative
(269) 749-7659

Marty Pierson
Maintenance Tradesperson
(269) 749-7647

Dan Pifer
Head Football Coach
(269) 749-4183

Phil Reed
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice;
Director of Campus Safety
(269) 749-7142

Douglas Reynolds
(269) 749-7646

Andrew Rodriguez
Assistant Football Coach
(269) 749-7657

Donald C. Rowe
Adjunct Professor of Art
(269) 749-7661

Brad Rumsey
Assistant Football Coach
(269) 749-7680

Jeff Rutter
Assistant Food Service Director, Chartwells
(269) 749-7410

James Rzepka
Adjunct Instructor of Biology
(269) 749-7106

Thomas V. Sampson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education
(269) 749-7709

Jake Schuler
Assistant Dean for Student Life; Blair Hall Director;
Director of Intramural Sports
(269) 749-7694

Frank Schumacher
Director of Facilities
(269) 749-7668

Sue Settle
Assistant Professor of Education
(269) 749-7653

Sherii Sherban
Adjunct Instructor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-7269

Ryan Shockey
Head Athletic Trainer; Interim Athletic Director
(269) 749-4169

Michael Sherzer
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; Co-director of Judicial Affair
(269) 749-7537

Barbara J. Smith
(269) 749-7646

Cathy Smith
Data Application Specialist
(269) 749-7752

Larry Smith
Director of African American Culture Center
(269) 749-7750

Renee Smith
Assistant Professor of Business
(269) 749-6645

Bruce Snyder
Director of Creative Services
(269) 749-7514

Barbara A. Spencer
Executive Assistant to the President
(269) 749-7642

Marie Steele
Center for Congregational Leadership
(269) 749-7245

Craig Stanton
Maintenance Tradesperson

Clair V. Stevens
Associate Professor of Insurance and Risk Management
(269) 749-7758

Jared Stratz
Academic Enrollment Specialist
(269) 749-7767

Eric Sullivan
Adjunct Instructor of Astronomy
Planetarium, Natural and Physical Sciences Department
(269) 749-7106

Leslie Sullivan
(269) 749-7638

Kristin Tait
Adjunct Instructor of Instrumental Music
(269) 749-7682

Blake Thornton
Grounds Person

Sarah Vanden Heuvel
Assistant Director
(269) 749-6659

Maria Vanarman
Financial Aid Officer
(269) 749-7721

Emily VanDorpe
Associate Director of Admissions
(269) 749-6699

Nancy Van Hoozier
Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance
(269) 749-7169

Matt Wait, J.D.
Director, Global Citizen Honors Program;
Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies;
(269) 749-4187

Donald E. Walker
Professor Emeritus of History
(269) 749-7679

Michelle Wallenberg
Administrative Assistant for Advancement
(269) 749-7932

Karine Walters
Administrative Assistant for Athletics;
Head Women's Bowling Coach
(269) 749-6689/7601

Tamyra S. Walters
Director of Conferences and Housing
(269) 749-7197 and 7611

Marcus Wasilevich, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
(269) 749-7656

Lisa M. Webb
Payroll Specialist
(269) 749-7786

Lauren Weikel
Assistant Athletic Trainer
(269) 749-4167

Michael Weglarz
Assistant Professor of Insurance and Risk Management

Gary B. Wertheimer
Chair, Visual Arts Department; Professor of Art;
Visual Arts Program Director
(269) 749-7627

Marco Wiedenhoeft, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics
(269) 749-7140

Arthur E. Williams, Ph.D.
Professor of Theatre
(269) 749-7246

Joanne A. Williams
Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication;
Director of Career Services Network; Advisor for The Echo
(269) 749-6630

Jennifer Willis
(269) 749-7133

Charles Wilson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies;
NCAA Compliance Coordinator; Athletic Academic Coordinator
(269) 749-6649

John Wilterding, Ph.D.
Chair, Natural and Physical Sciences Department;
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
(269) 749-7634

Kathi L. Wireman
(269) 749-7646

Joy Wiseman
Director of Major Gifts and Foundations
(269) 749-7162

Tom Wyman
Assistant Football Coach
(269) 749-7779

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