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About Student Employment
The Student Employment office at Olivet College assists students in finding jobs and campus departments in filling open positions. 

The Student Employment Office maintains a list of employment opportunities for all campus positions as well as off-campus positions within the local community.

The majority of campus positions are funded through the federal work study program.  Returning students must have filed their FASFA form by March 1st and demonstrated need in order to receive a work study position.  All eligible applicants will receive notice, via a letter, that they are eligible for work study, they will receive the award when hired for a position.

Work study positions are not assigned, nor does the availability of the award mean that you will automatically receive a position.  You must apply for all campus positions through the hiring department and follow the guidelines set by the hiring department to retain your employment.

Important Links in the Section
ADP System
Employment Postings
Frequently Asked Questions
Payroll Calendar

Student FAQ
Q: I don’t know for sure if I have work study, how do I find out? 

A: If you completed your FASFA form by March 1st the Financial Aid Office will send you a letter notifying you that you will be eligible for work study if you are hired for a position.

Q: How do I find a job on campus?
A: Search the employment postings listed on the Student Employment pages and complete the on line application.  If interested, the hiring department will contact you to schedule an interview.

Q: A department has hired me, what should I do next?
A: Stop by the Student Adminsitrative Services Center (SASC) to sign a revised award letter and complete tax forms. The financial aid office will notify you that you need to sign a revised award letter to accept your work study award. Before you begin working you must complete tax forms (W-4 withholding Allowance Certificate) and proof of work eligibility
(I-9).  (Link W4 and I9 to forms page).  If the college has these forms on file for you from a prior year you do not need to re-file the forms. 

Q: How do I record my time worked?
A: Olivet College uses the ADP product, ezLaborManager,  to record hours worked.  Please select the ADP System link to the left for instructions on the use of the ADP system.

Q: What day will I be paid for my campus position?
A: Student employees are paid once a month on the 10th of the month, if the 10th is a business day.  Please see payroll calendar link for specific pay dates.

Student employees must complete tax forms (W-4 and MI-4) and proof of work eligibility
(I-9) before they  begin working for Olivet College.

The following forms may be printed from the following links but they must be turned in personally (bringing the required identification) in the Student Administrative Services Center, located in Mott 202.

Withholding Allowance Forms

Federal W-4 Form
Michigan W-4 Form

Employment Eligibility I-9

I-9 Form Instructions and List of Acceptable Documents

Intent to Hire Form
This form must be completed, signed and sent to Student Employemnt 7 days before the end of the pay period.

Stipend Payment Form
This form can not be used for work study payments. Contact payroll office for approval
before using.

Employment Postings
The following job opportunities are available on campus or in the local community. Please follow instructions within the ad to apply for the position. The position description will indicate whether or not non-work study eligible applicants can apply.

Click here for job postings

Supervisor FAQ's
Q: What is a student supervisor at Olivet College?
A: A student supervisor is a term used to identify the person within a department who is responsible for providing payroll with hiring information and insuring that the students’ time sheets are approved and forwarded to payroll. Your supervisor will inform you if you are the student supervisor. You may not directly supervise the student worker but you are the person within your department that coordinates with others to insure that you can accurately approve a students time sheet.

Q: How do I advertise an opening?
A: Please complete a job advertisement on the Employment Postings page of the Student Employment web site.  All campus positions must be advertised on the Employment Posting page in order to provide the best access to jobs for our students.  Students are encouraged to visit these pages to look for employment.

Q: How will I receive applicant information?
A: You will receive electronic copies of applicant information along with information from financial aid regarding a students work study status.  Use the information on the applications to decide who you would like to interview.  Please see interview tips for information on conducting employee interviews.

Q: What steps to I take to hire a student employee?
A: 1. Advertise open positions on the Employment Postings Page.
     2. Interview appropriate candidates after reviewing applications.
     3. Upon hiring send completed  “Intent to Hire” form to the Student Employment Office.
          Make the student aware that they must have W4 and I9 information on file with the
SEO before they begin working for you. They will not be able to report their hours worked on the ADP system until this is completed. 
     4. Check your Employee List on ADP, when the student’s name and ID appear he/she is now authorized and ready to work. 
Q: Why do I need to use the ADP system?
A: The ADP system is used to report the hours worked to the payroll system.  Students must record all of their shifts worked in order to be paid.  As a student supervisor you must check that their hours worked are those you expected them to work and that they have entered all of their shifts. At the end of the month you must go into the students time sheet and approve the shifts the student has worked in your department.  Please see the Payroll dates tab for dates when student timesheet approvals are due.

ADP System
Please use the appropriate link, below, to familiarize yourself with the ADP exLaborManager product and your responsibilities.

Student Training
Supervisor Training

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