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Supervisor FAQ's

Q: What is a student employment coordinator at Olivet College?
A: A student employment coordinator is a term used to identify the person within a department who is responsible for providing payroll with hiring information and insuring that the student's time sheets are approved and forwarded to payroll. Your supervisor will inform you if you are the student employment coordinator. You may not directly supervise the student worker but you are the person within your department that coordinates with others to insure that you can accurately approve a student's time sheet.

Q: How do I advertise an opening?
A: Please complete a job advertisement on the employment postings page of the Student Employment Web site.  All campus positions must be advertised on the employment posting page in order to provide the best access to jobs for our students.  Students are encouraged to visit these pages to look for employment.

Q: How will I receive applicant information?
A: You will receive electronic copies of applicant information along with information from financial aid regarding a students work study status.  Use the information on the application to decide who you would like to interview. 

Q: What steps do I take to hire a student employee?
A: 1. Advertise open positions on the Employment Postings Page.
     2. Interview appropriate candidates after reviewing applications.
     3. Upon hiring send completed intent to hire form to the Student Employment Office at least 7 days before the end of a pay period.
          Make the student aware that they must have W4 and I9 information on file with the
SEO before they begin working for you. They will not be able to report their hours worked on the ADP system until this is completed. 
     4. Check your employee list on ADP, when the student’s name and ID appear he/she is now authorized and ready to work. 
Q: Why do I need to use the ADP system?
A: The ADP system is used to report the hours worked to the payroll system.  Students must record all of their shifts worked in order to be paid.  As a student supervisor you must check that their hours worked are those you expected them to work and that they have entered all of their shifts. At the end of the month you must go into the students time sheet and approve the shifts the student has worked in your department.  Please see the payroll calendar for dates when student timesheet approvals are due.

Q: What do I do if a student falsifies a timesheet?
A: The first infraction of falsification of time sheet information will result in a student’s immediate dismissal from the Student Employment Program and eligibility for any campus job for a period of one semester. 

After one semester the student may reapply for campus positions. Should the student secure a position on campus, he/she will remain on probation for an additional semester. Should a second infraction of falsification of time sheets occur, the student will be dismissed from the Student Employment Program and will be ineligible for any campus job for the remainder of their academic career at Olivet.

Q: What is the disciplinary process for student employees?
A: Disciplinary processes are described in the student handbook.  Please contact Student Employment, Mott 202, for the mentioned forms.

Student Employment Disciplinary Process
Problems in the workplace do occur.  Student Employment has provided the following advice and guidelines to help departmental coordinators handle these situations.
Ideally, supervisors will use the interview and selection process to help determine whether a student and a particular employment opportunity are a good fit. Furthermore, the training and orientation provided by the department provides the opportunity to ensure that student employees understand the requirements and expectations of their position.  However, there may be occasions when the performance of the student in his/her job is below expectations. In those situations, a progressive disciplinary process should be used to make sure that students have the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes, to correct their own errors, and to understand why they are being disciplined/terminated.

Verbal Warning
If a student fails to complete a job satisfactorily, the supervisor/coordinator is encouraged to counsel the student. The counseling should include:
1. The student’s job requirements.
2. The problem that exists in the student’s employment area.
3. Reasons why the problem is occurring.
4. Strategies to correct the problem.
5. A mutually agreed upon corrective plan of action.
If counseling fails to resolve the situation the next step is the written warning system.

First Written Warning
The first written warning is a disciplinary action taken because satisfactory job performance has not occurred.  The warning should be hand-delivered to the student, if possible.
A copy will be hand-delivered to the Student Services Office within 48 hours of the time it was issued.

Second Written Warning
A second written warning is much more serious than a first written warning. In all cases, three days must elapse between the verbal and first written warning before a second written warning can be issued. If a second written warning is issued, the following will happen:
A mandatory meeting must be scheduled with the Student Services Student Employment Coordinator.  This appointment must be scheduled and kept within three (3) school days of the issuance of the warning. Failure to do so could result in the student’s right to appeal future written warnings.  At this meeting a careful explanation of the disciplinary action being taken will result.

Upon receiving a second written warning, the student will be placed on probationary status for a minimum of two (2) weeks and be subject to an additional evaluation.

Third Written Warning
A third written warning mandates that the student’s employment opportunity for that academic year be terminated.

A student may appeal any written warning, providing that he/she has followed all of the procedures printed under written warnings (see Second Written Warning.) If the student chooses to appeal a written warning, he/she is required to submit a written appeal to the Student Services Student Employment Coordinator within three school days of the date the written warning was issued. During the appeal process, no action will be taken against the student or the supervisor by the college regarding related employment issues.
The Student Services Student Employment Coordinator will review the appeal and make a decision within three (3) school days of receipt of the appeal.

If the student or the supervisor wishes to appeal the decision reached by the Student Services Student Employment Coordinator, appeals must be directed, in writing, to the college president or the president’s designee within 48 hours after the decision is reached and communicated to the student, the supervisor and the Student Services Student Employment Coordinator. Whenever possible, the appeal will be heard by the president or the president’s designee within ten school days of the receipt of the appeal.

Q: How do I check my monthly payroll usage against my budget?
A: You will receive a monthly allocation report from the payroll office which details each student employee’s monthly payment activity.  The report also summarizes your budget for student employment showing your usage of budget and remaining amounts.  It is important that you review these amounts monthly to insure you are staying within budget limits.

Your role as a Student Employment Coordinator is important to the success of both the student and the college.  Please take note the responsibilities noted on this website; misuse or abuse of the student employment policies could result in a department losing work study budgets or disciplinary action being taken against a coordinator.

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