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Tammy Walters
Director of Conferences and Housing
Dole Hall (269) 749-7611

Olivet College is committed to the educational and developmental benefits available to students both in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities and services. There are three campus housing options available to students: residence halls, theme houses and society housing.

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License Agreement: FAQs
Olivet College Meal Plans
Residence Halls
Residence Hall Linen and Furnishing Program

What to bring, what to leave at home

Housing Policy
As a residential college, Olivet requires all full-time students to reside in college approved housing and to participate in a college meal plan.

Exemption Policy
Exemptions from the policy are granted for students who meet any of the following criteria:

  • 23 years of age
  • Married (may include single parent caring for a child/children)
  • Living with parent(s) or legal guardian(s), in Bellevue, Olivet, Marshall or Charlotte.

If a student is requesting an exemption, a copy of the parental verification form must be on file with the exemption form if a student does not meet the exemption criteria. Students desiring an exemption from the housing or meal requirement must file a Room and Board Exemption Form available in the Housing Office.  Completed forms must be submitted to this office prior to the last day of the previous academic year. Petitions will be reviewed by the housing coordinator and students will be notified by e-mail if they are denied. Housing appeals may be made to the Vice President and/or Associate Dean for Student Life.

Residency Requirement
All full-time students are required to reside in college approved housing and to participate in a college meal plan. Exemptions from the policy are granted for students who meet any of the following criteria:
23 years of age, married, single parent, living with my parent(s)/ guardian(s) in Bellevue, Olivet, Marshall or Charlotte. Any special situations must be approved by the Vice President of Student Life. For a student who does not meet the criteria to establish legal residency the college requires that you reside at an address for a period of 1 full year.

Students seeking exemption from the policy must complete a Room and Board Exemption Form available in the Housing Office. Completed forms must be submitted to the Housing office before the last day of drop and add. The forms are also available on myolivet on the housing section of residence life.

Residence Life Staff
The Residence Life office is led by the Director for Residence Life who oversees housing administration and security management of the residence hall system and supervises the Residence Life staff.

Each of the three residence halls is staffed with a Hall Director (HD) who lives in the building and oversees a staff of 5-8 Resident Advisors (RAs). The HD is a full-time professional who serves as the educational leader for the building. The RA is an upperclass student who is trained as a peer counselor and advisor responsible for developing a strong community on his/her wing or floor.

Appliances and Electronics
Stereos, TV computers and other small appliances are permitted in residence hall rooms. In addition, each room is permitted to have one microwave (not to exceed 850 watts) and one refrigerator (not to exceed 4 cubic feet). Hot pots are also permitted. Cooking appliances (other than hot pots or small microwaves) and halogen lamps are strictly prohibited

Cable television
Bring your own cable ready TV or DVD player to connect to this service.

Campus Mail
The Mailroom is located in the lower level of the Kirk Center, where U.S. Mail and UPS parcels can be sent and received. After arriving on campus, each student is assigned a mailbox number. Incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Student Name (first, last, middle initial)
320 S. Main St.
Olivet College
Olivet, MI 49076

Food Service
Dining services at Olivet College are provided through Chartwells. Chartwells offers flexible meal plans, allowing students to choose 10, 15, or 19 meals per week. Meals in the centrally-located Kirk Center dining hall are all-you-can-eat. Chartwells also operates the Comet Caf? Snack Bar, which has extended hours for students with busy schedules. Students with special scheduling or dietary needs can speak to a Chartwells food service manager to make special arrangements.

Laundry and Vending Machines
Each residence hall has coin-operated washers and dryers. There are also vending machines in each building.

Lofts are permitted in residence hall rooms, provided that certain safety regulations are followed in their construction. The Guidelines for Loft Construction/Loft Registration Form is available from the Housing office. All lofts must be completed and registered by the first full week of October (Fall) or February (Spring). Lofts will be inspected by a licensed contractor for approval.

Lounges and Recreation Areas
Each residence hall has lounge areas equipped with comfortable furniture and big screen TV's. There are also separate, newly renovated areas designed specifically for studying. In addition, each hall has a recreation room featuring pool, foosball, and ping pong tables.

Every student needs a parking permit.  These are free of charge until the drop and add period ends s at the beginning of each semester.  Please see Olivet College Campus Safety for your parking permit and for parking regulations.

Pets are NOT permitted in campus residences, with the exception of harmless fish in a 20 gallon, or smaller, tank.

Safety and Security
Each student will receive a key to his/her room which will also open the main entrance to the building or house. Though Olivet is a small and relatively safe community, it is important that each student assume responsibility for his/her own security. Keys should not be loaned, nor should rooms be left unlocked or outside doors propped open.

On August 18, 1989, a smoke-free policy was implemented on campus. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and offices. Anyone interested in a smoking cessation program should contact Health Services.

Telephones and Voice Mail
Each room is equipped with one telephone jack. Students should bring their own telephones. In order to make long distance calls, students must sign up for the AT&T ACUS system which provides each student with a personal access code and an individual, monthly bill. Calling cards other than ACUS may not be used on residence hall phones. Numerous pay phones on campus will accept other calling cards. For more information, see telephones in the Student Handbook.

Student may bring answering machines, but may prefer to use the campus voice mail system. A voice mail account is provided to each student free of charge, and will answer incoming calls even when someone is using the phone.

Each student must fill out and sign a Housing Information Form and License Agreement, which is a legally binding contract that states what the College will provide to the student as well as rights and responsibilities. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions concerning the License Agreement:

When do I get my deposit back?
The non-refundable $100 confirmation payment you submit to reserve your space at Olivet College is not a deposit. This amount is applied to your charges for the upcoming semester.

When can I move in?
Please consult the academic calendar for move in information.  Early arrivals are by approval only and on scheduled dates and times. All fees must be paid in advance.

What if I need housing during vacations/breaks?
The residence halls are closed during formal vacation periods such as Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. A limited number of students who are required to stay on campus during these periods may be granted permission to stay, however, most students should plan to make alternate arrangements.

Can I have a single room?
A limited number of single rooms are available to upperclass students, and will be assigned to those students requesting singles with the highest GPAs and total credits earned. First year students are not eligible for single rooms.

How do I get an exemption from the residency requirement?
If you meet one or more of the criteria for exemption mentioned in the License Agreement, simply check the appropriate box on your Housing Information Form and the exemption will be granted. If you do not meet any of the criteria but wish to be considered for a special exception, please submit your request in writing to the Vice President for Community Life.

Once I have entered into the License Agreement, is it possible to break the License?
Generally, no. The License is legally binding for the duration of the agreement (usually two semesters). However, the terms of the agreement do provide for students to request a release from the in certain situations. Any approvals for release from the agreement will constitute a forfeiture of the $100 confirmation payment. Release request forms are available at the Housing Office.

Olivet College recognizes the residence halls as a living-learning environment. Residence life offers educational and social opportunities that promote personal growth, development, wellness and cultural diversity among residents. Olivet College operates three residence halls for students: Blair Hall, Dole Hall, Shipherd Hall and the Gillette Student Village.

Blair Hall
is a men's residence hall housing new students and upper division students. Blair was built in 1928 with a new addition constructed in 1955. The hall offers common bathrooms, lounges and study rooms.

Dole Hall
is a women's residence hall housing new students and upper division students. Dole was built in 1931. In addition to single, double and triple occupancy rooms. The hall offers common bathrooms, lounges and study rooms.

Shipherd Hall
was built in 1966 and houses primarily upper class men and women. Shipherd is suite style with four students sharing a living space, two bedrooms and a semi-private bath/shower facility. Shipherd is co-educational by suite with a common lounge, a study room and a recreational room located in the building.

Gillette Student Village was built in 2008 and houses upper class men and women.

Room Furnishings and Hall Features
Dole, Blair and Shipherd Halls, Vahs and Global Theme Houses rooms are furnished with curtains or blinds, beds, desks, desk chairs, dressers and closet space.  Gillette Student Village is furnished with all furniture which must remain in the appropriate spaces.

Cable television
Free basic cable TV connections are provided in each residence hall room. Students should bring their own cable-ready TV or DVD to connect to this service. Connections are via standard coaxial cable, which the student should provide.

Computer labs
Labs are located in the Mott Academic Center, room 307 and 311A, and both levels of the Burrage Library. All residence halls are equipped with a computer lab. There is also a lab located on the 2nd floor in MacKay Gym that is open 24 hours while Olivet College is in session. These labs are equipped with MS Windows XP networked computers and laser printers. All computers run Microsoft Office products and are connected to the Internet.  Students are provided e-mail accounts-generally the first initial of the first name followed
by the last For example, Jane Smith would be Please contact Information Technology Services for specific computer logon and e-mail information. ITS is located in Mott 311. Their phone number is 749-7666.

Wireless Campus
Olivet College provides high-speed wireless internet access to the entire Olivet College campus. 802.11G (54Mbps) wireless technology was implemented based upon a few factors such as mobility, ease of use, taking the class rooms out of the traditional class room boundaries, and using technology in the classrooms as well as the dorms, campus square, library and cafeteria.  If you bring a computer (Desktop/Laptop), you will need to furnish a compatible wireless (802.11G) card. You may purchase the compatible wireless card in the campus bookstore. Information Technology Services will provide you the VPN client (software that allows you to establish a secure connection between your computer and the campus network) at no charge to the student. The antivirus software is required before installing the VPN software on your computer, if you do not have one again ITS will provide you one for no charge. Please contact Information Technology Services in the Mott Academic Center, room 311 or at 749-7666 with any questions.

Wired Campus
Students are advised to use wireless connection for both surfing the internet and accessing campus network resources. There are no wired connections available for student to use. The wired network is strictly used by campus employees.

Antivirus policy
Active antivirus software is required.  If you do not have any ITS will provide it for you at no charge.  If you choose not to use college provided anti-virus software it is very important that you maintain your virus definition and the software is kept up-to-date.

Computing Policy
By enrolling at Olivet College, the enrolled students are considered, by default, to have accepted the campus computing policies. ITS will keep you inform about policies and changes of them at orientation or after via campus email. You may obtain a printed copy of all computing policies from ITS.

Lounges and Recreation Areas
Each residence hall has a comfortable area with lounge furniture  and big screen TV’s.  There  are also separate areas designed for studying.  Blair and Shipherd  Each have a recreation room featuring pool and ping pong tables.  Dole has a small fitness center.

Telephones and Voice Mail
Each room is equipped with a telephone jack.  Students should bring their own phones.  In order to make long distance calls, calling cards are helpful.  Most students have their own cell phones.

Laundry and Vending Machines
Each residence hall has coin-operated washers and dryers. There are also vending machines in each building.

The following checklist will make packing for the upcoming year an easier task. Common sense essentials (clothing, for example) are not included in the list. Contact with roommates and/or suitemates prior to arrival is strongly recommended.


  • academic essentials (backpack, pens, paper)
  • alarm Clock
  • bedding (extra-long twin size 36"x80")
  • storage totes
  • telephone
  • towel, washcloth and toiletry items
  • waste paper basket

Useful, but not essential:

  • cleaning supplies
  • coaxial cable for TV
  • computer and printer
  • desk lamp
  • drying rack or clothes hangers
  • fan
  • laundry basket/bag and supplies
  • microwave - 850 watts or less
  • power strip with surge protector
  • refrigerator - 4 cubic feet or less

Leave at home:

  • air conditioner
  • candles, incense
  • Christmas tree (unless artificial)
  • cooking appliances (other than microwaves/hot pots)
  • halogen lamps
  • large appliances
  • large exercise equipment
  • oil lamps
  • pets (other than harmless fish)
  • treadmills

The Greek system at Olivet College (Intersociety Council [ISC]) is comprised of eleven social societies (three female, five male, one co-educational and two colonies). All eleven societies, some of which are more than 100 years old, are local organizations founded at Olivet College. The Greek Life Office provides leadership advice, skills training and educational opportunities for the members of the Olivet College Greek societies. The Greek Life Office also assists the Greek societies in meeting and maintaining accreditation standards.

NOTE: All of Olivet College's societies (ISC) are governed by the Inter-Society Council (ISC). This governing organization consists of a president and seven vice presidents (each society having one ISC officer), as well as two voting representatives from each society (usually the president and vice president from each society house). The purpose of ISC is to foster unity within the Greek system at Olivet College. The ISC provides a means for democratically considering and acting upon the unique problems, conditions, and needs that arise from society life. In addition, the ISC provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among all the societies.

Society Housing
Seven of the eleven Greek societies maintain a residence for its members. Society members who have completed at least 24 semester hours toward their graduation requirements (with a 2.0 cumulative GPA or better) may reside in society housing with approval of the dean for community life and the society.

Adelphic Alpha Pi: is located across from Shipherd Hall. It was founded in 1862 and is open to the men of Olivet College. It is the brother organization to Sigma Beta. The fraternity motto is Semper Fidelis, always faithful.

Alpha Lambda Epsilon: is located at 212 South Main Street on the corner of Green and Main across from Dole Hall. Founded in 1922 as a sorority, Alpha Lambda Epsilon Society reorganized its membership in 1975 to admit men, thus becoming the first co-educational literary/social society in the nation. The society motto is Bear Well the Torch. Alpha Lambda Epsilon is the cousin organization to Kappa Sigma Alpha.

Alpha Phi Kappa: a new member of the Intersociety Council (ISC) whose main purpose is to promote better understanding between cultures and to promote brotherhood among its membership.

Alpha Xi Omega: founded as a club by the name of Elite in the 1970s, and admitted to the ISC during the Fall 1995 semester, Alpha Xi Omega works to create a better understanding among all students at Olivet College in the areas of diversity and multicultural awareness.

Kappa Sigma Alpha: is located at 204 South Main Street, just north of the Alpha Lambda Epsilon house. It was founded in 1922, and is the cousin organization to Alpha Lambda Epsilon. The fraternity motto is Wisdom Conquers All.

Nu Gamma Xi: is located at 502 Shipherd St. It is a sorority founded on February 3, 1997 by 12 women and is the sister organization to Alpha Xi. on the campus of Olivet College to address the unique needs and interest of a cultural diverse population of students. A charter was granted whereby Nu Gamma Xi was founded to promote unity, sisterhood, and high academic standards among women with similar interest. They are devoted to a strong sisterhood based in patience, respect, and understanding.

Phi Alpha Pi: is located on South Main Street just across from Blair Hall. It is the oldest society on the Olivet College campus and was founded in 1847. In 1861 Phi Alpha Pi, the brother organization to Soronian, became a literary society. The fraternity motto is Progress, Truth, and Friendship.

Sigma Beta: literary sorority was founded in 1907 by three Olivet College women. The current house, located at 508 South Main Street (across from Blair Hall), was completed in 1963. Sigma Beta is the sister society to Adelphic Alpha Pi. Their motto is Friends of the Best.

Soronian (Iota Kappa Omicron): also known as the Iota Kappa Omicron society, is located next to the Margaret Upton Conservatory of Music and across from the Lester K. Kirk Center. Founded in 1847, the sister organization to Phi Alpha Pi is the oldest collegiate society in the continental United States. The sorority motto is Strong in Love, Firm in Right.

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