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Adelphic Alpha Pi was founded in 1862 as a literary society and is open
to the men of Olivet College. The fraternity motto is Semper Fidelis,
always faithful. It is the brother organization to Sigma Beta.
Advisors: Michael Fales, ext. 7624.
Ross Bohms, ext. 7135.

Alpha Lambda Epsilon was founded in 1922 as a sorority. The society
reorganized its membership in 1975 to admit men, thus becoming the
first co-educational literary/social society in the nation. The society
motto is Bear Well the Torch. Alpha Lambda Epsilon is the cousin
organization to Kappa Sigma Alpha. Advisors: Art Williams,
ext. 7246. Joanne Osborn, ext. 7645.

Alpha Phi Kappa was established in 1997 to promote better
understanding between cultures and endorse brotherhood among its
membership. Advisor: Larry Smith, ext. 7750.

Alpha Xi Omega, also known as “Elite,” was founded as a club in the
1970s and became a society during the 1995 fall semester. Elite works
to create a better understanding among all students at Olivet in the areas
of diversity and multicultural awareness. Advisor: Charles Wilson,
ext. 6649.

Eta Psi Kappa was established in 2001 to promote unity of all women on campus.
The society motto is The Righteous Endure till Judgment.
Advisor: Diana Boatwright, ext. 7702.

Kappa Sigma Alpha was founded in 1922 and is the cousin organization
to Alpha Lambda Epsilon. The fraternity motto is Wisdom Conquers All.
Advisors: Ed Heator, ext. 6691, Jake Schuler, ext. 7694.

Mu Omega Pi was established in 2001 to assist young men in growth
and development through leadership, brotherhood and spirituality. Their
motto is Striving for Perfection. Advisor: Larry Colvin, ext. 7159.

Nu Gamma Xi was founded in 1997 by 12 women. Their purpose is to
promote unity, sisterhood and high academic standards among women
with similar interests. They are the sisters of Alpha Xi Omega.
Advisor: Regina Armstrong, ext. 7710

Phi Alpha Pi was founded in 1847 and is the oldest society on the Olivet College campus. In 1861, Phi Alpha Pi became a literary society. The fraternity motto is Progress, Truth and Friendship. The fraternity is the brother organization to Soronian. Advisors: Bill Maas, ext. 7567, Clair Stevens, ext. 7758.

Sigma Beta was founded in 1907 by three Olivet College women as a
literary society. The house was completed in 1963. Their motto is Friends of the Best. Sigma Beta is the sister society to Adelphic Alpha Pi. Advisors: Steve Lewis, ext. 7153,
Dustin Byrd, ext. 7382.

Soronian also known as the Iota Kappa Omicron society, was founded
in 1847. It is the oldest collegiate society in the continental United
States. The sorority motto is Strong in Love, Firm in Right. It is the
sister organization to Phi Alpha Pi. Advisors: Phil Reed, ext. 7142,
Norma Curtis, ext. 6621.


Alpha Psi Sigma is the honor society for criminal justice majors.
Advisors: Phil Reed, ext. 7142,
Regina Armstrong, ext. 7710.

Alpha Pi Upsilon is the honor society for pre-medical, pre-dental,
pre-veterinary and other professional health related majors.
Advisor: John Wilterding, ext. 7643.

Alpha Psi Omega was established to provide an environment where
students of theater or students who are interested in participating in
theater-oriented activities can learn, participate and become involved.
Advisor: Art Williams.

American Marketing Association is the largest professional association
for marketers, established to provide opportunities for professional
development and networking. Advisor: Michelle Woodhouse-Jackson, ext. 7178.

The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma is a national
award-winning student organization established to bring together people interested in the fields of insurance and risk management. Advisors: Carol Breed, ext. 7664, Clair Stevens, ext. 7758.

Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership honor society for
superior scholarship, leadership, character and participation in the
following: athletics, campus government, campus/community service,
creative/performing arts, journalism/speech/mass communications and
social/religious activities. Only upperclassmen are invited to become
members of this society. Advisors: Ponja Vahs, ext. 6670, Mike Fales, ext. 7624.

Phi Beta Lambda is the honor society for business majors and minors.
Advisor: Susan Houston, ext. 7610.

Phi Epsilon Kappa recognizes students in the areas of physical
education, health, recreation, dance, human performance, exercise
science, sports medicine and sports management.
Advisor: Nick Juday, ext. 7269.

Psi Chi is the national honor society for psychology majors.
Advisor: Charles Graessle, ext. 7603.

Sigma Tau Delta is the honor society for English majors.

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Active Minds is a student-run mental health awareness,
education and advocacy organization designed specifically for
the college campus.

The American Chemical Society provides students with an environment that actively strives to promote Chemistry and expand the community’s knowledge about the subject. The chapter is a resource for avid Chemistry students as well as a safe-haven for beginners who are interested. Advisor: Susanne Lewis, ext. 7629.

The Association of Computer Machinery was established to promote
an increased knowledge of the science, design, development,
construction, language and applications of modern computing
machinery. Advisor: Marcus Darden, ext. 7663.

Alpha Omega takes an interest in the mental, emotional and spiritual
development of believers and how the believer can improve their walk
with Christ. Advisor: Brandon Brissette, ext. 7671.

Art Alliance was established to promote artistic awareness on campus,
in the surrounding communities and for those who are interested in the
arts. Advisors: Don Rowe, ext. 7661,
Gary Wertheimer, ext. 762.

The Black Student Union was started in 1994 to allow students to be
more cohesive in dealing with their peers as well as the campus as a
whole. The Black Student Union sponsors activities and programs that
broaden the social environment of the college.
Advisor: Larry Smith.

The Bowling Club was established to further the pursuit of understanding and enjoying bowling. Advisor: Jake Schuler, ext. 7694.

Card Collecting Gamers is a club that lets people get back into Pokemon, get together and make new friends. Advisor: Ronda Miller.

Common Ground was established to increase awareness of sexual
orientation issues in and around Olivet College and to provide a
supportive and egalitarian atmosphere for members of our community,
regardless of sexual orientation. Advisor: Nancy Van Hoozier, ext. 7169.

Earthbound is Olivet College’s environmental awareness organization. It provides environmental programs for the campus and community, sponsors field trips, attends environmental conferences and seminars, volunteers at the annual Michigan Crane Festival and participates in the campus recycling program and the habitat restoration efforts at the
college’s biological preserve. Advisor: Leah Knapp, ext. 7106.

Fandomania: The overall goal is to enable like minded students to share, experience and further educate regarding the various forums involved with different fandoms. Advisor: Art Williams, ext. 7246.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes was established to use the medium of
athletics to impact the word of Christ. The organization focuses on
serving the local community by equipping, empowering and encouraging its members to make a difference. Advisor: Brandon Brissette, ext. 7671.

Free Yo’ Mind is a creative arts program that provides an outlet for the
campus community to express themselves artistically. Its vision is to
build campus unity and enlightenment. The Free Yo’ Mind Creative
Arts Mentoring Program is directed toward mentoring local youth in
the areas of self awareness, performing arts and artistic appreciation.
Advisor: Jason Meadows, ext. 7172.

Gaming Club seeks to help those interested in furthering their
pursuit of understanding and enjoyment of role playing games and
related games. Advisor: Jake Schuler, ext. 7694.

The Olivet College Gospel Choir is a student organization that
provides a diverse opportunity to give praise through song to our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ. The choir also has additional ministries that
include Prayz N’ Motion (praise dance, mime and sign ministry), Prayz
(praise team), poetry, rapping, stepping, greeters and ushers.
Advisors: Chauncey McDaniels, ext.7646,
Rev. Jack Brown, (269) 749-2631.

Gruen Chemical Society provides students with an environment that actively strives to promote chemistry and expand the community’s knowledge about the subject. The chapter is a resource for avid chemistry students as well as a safe-haven for beginners who are interested. Adviser: Susanne Lewis, ext. 7629.

Helping Hands was established to challenge students in respect to their
leadership development. The organization provides its members
opportunities for growth and development in community service.
Advisor: Janine Peters, ext. 7659.

International Club was established to serve as a bridge between cultures, increasing acceptance and understanding toward people of different backgrounds and ethnic origins. Advisor: Judy Fales.

Ladies of Excellence is a student group that focuses on growth and leadership development while promoting quality service and upholding high scholastic and ethical standards.Adviser: Ronda Miller, ext. 7160.

Magic Club through the use of the principles set forth in The Olivet College Compact, seeks to help those interested in furthering their pursuit of understanding and enjoyment of Magic the Gathering. Adviser: Jake Schuler, ext. 7694.

Mathletes is for people who are excited about math. To learn different strategies for math competetions and provide community service through tutoring and the like. Advisor: Janine Peters, ext. 7659.

Middle Ground seeks to enhance the lives of foster youth who are aging out of the
foster care system by preparing them for the transition from childhood
to adulthood. Advisor: Cynthia Noyes, ext. 7144.

Collegiate Music Educators National Conference was established to increase interest, knowledge and productivity in all areas of music education.

The Olivet College chapter of the NAACP was established in 2006.
The NAACP strongly believes that future leaders must be developed
today, and such development is ongoing in the Youth and College
Division, created in 1936. Today, there are more than 30,000 young
people representing 400 youth councils, high school chapters and
college chapters actively involved in the civil rights movement.
The mission of the NAACP Youth and College Division is to
inform youth of the problems affecting African-Americans and other
racial and ethnic minorities; to advance the economical, educational,
social and political status of African-Americans and other racial and
ethnic minorities and their harmonious cooperation with other peoples;
to stimulate an appreciation of the African Diaspora and other people
of color’s contribution to civilization; and to develop an intelligent and
effective youth leadership. Advisor: Larry Smith, ext. 7750.

National Organization of Women (NOW) Campus Affiliate
Open to all campus women and men. NOW strives to educate
and empower women in the areas of economic justice, women’s
rights, violence against women, LGBT issues, and reproduction
rights. Advisor: Dianne Thomas, ext. 6638.

Non Trad Club was established for non traditional students to
connect with each other to form friendships and support each other
in a positive way in order to maximize a successful college experience.
Advisor: Cynthia Noyes, ext. 7144.

Olivet College Color Guard brings students together that have one goal in mind. That goal is to practice and prosper in hope of competing in winter guard competitions around the stare and country, as well as to promote school pride, and provide entertainment at various functions including, but not limited to, parades and athletic events.

OC Latino Club raises awareness of the Hispanic culture. This club will consist of community service and activities that will expose students to this interesting culture.

Olivet Fencers and Swashbucklers Club
Advisor: Art Williams, ext. 7246.

Olivet College Creative Photography Club was established to cultivate
and broaden the photographic interests of its members by exposing
them to a wide range of photography styles and mediums and to
provide education, guidance, competition and social interaction. The
club provides a relaxed, informal meeting environment free from any
traditional constraints or limitations of photographic style. The club’s
primary objective is to foster and encourage the development of
photographic style and appreciation. Advisor: Joanne Williams, ext. 6630.

The Olivet College Psychology Club is dedicated to promoting the
study of psychology, providing educational enrichment, promoting personal development, and providing service to the campus and community. Advisor: Dina Battaglia, ext. 7579.

Phi Alpha Theta is a History Honor Society to encourage the study of history and to recognize excellence in history. Advisor: Craig Korpela, ext. 7686.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the representative voice for
students in the campus residence halls. As a governing body, RHA seeks
to provide programs and activities for the campus community, develop
and implement policies and procedures pertaining to the residence hall
environment, provide opportunities for discussion on college-related
matters, including food-service, facilities and administrative policy.
Furthermore, RHA seeks to establish relationship with non-traditional students, Greeks and the college community. While establishing strong community development and traditions, RHA provides an excellent opportunity for leadership and lasting friendships.
Adviser: Emily Davis, ext. 7139.

Roller Hockey Club brings students together who share a common interest in the sport of roller hockey and provide them with an opportunity to compete against other schools in the nation who share the same interest. Advisor: Jake Schuler, ext. 7694.

Science Club was established to enlighten students about science,
including modern concepts, research and career opportunities as well as
to educate, encourage and assist members to explore and expand their
own scientific interests. Advisor: Patrick Fields, ext. 7761.

Student Michigan Education Association (SMEA) is an organization that gives students going into education experiences and information they may not receive in methods class.

Society of Hosford Scholars was established to encourage its members
in academic matters and to focus on the goal of personal fulfillment and
excellence in the classroom, studio, laboratory and library.

The “Star Wars” Miniatures Club was established to promote safe and
enjoyable opportunities to play with “Star Wars” miniatures and enjoy
the “Star Wars” universe in general. Advisor: Jake Schuler, ext. 7694.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee was established to follow the
guidelines set forth by the NCAA, which is the college’s governing body
for athletics. This committee allows the college’s student-athletes to
have a voice in matters that pertain to them. Advisor: Heather Bateman, ext. 7189.

Student Finance Organization was established to develop the professional, academic and social skills that are essential to compete in today’s financial market.

Student Government Association (SGA) is the representative voice for
the student body. It promotes the welfare, protects the rights and
represents the opinions of Olivet students. Furthermore, SGA seeks to
establish relationships between students, staff, faculty and

Women’s Empowerment was established to help students become
productive members of the college community promoting Christianity,
diversity, character building and individual and social responsibility.
Members are encouraged to seek knowledge and understanding.

Tri-pi was established so its members could educate children about
science in an exciting and entertaining way. Advisor: Marco Wiedenhoeft, ext. 7643.

Yoga Club the purpose of this club is to bring the women of Olivet College together through fitness; including yoga, dance, and jazzersize along with group discussions and other activities to improve our physical, mental and social well- being. Adviser: Emily Davis, ext. 7139.

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