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Housing FAQs

General Information

Each residence hall student room is permitted one microwave (not to exceed 800 watts) and one refrigerator (not to exceed 4 cubic feet). Hot pots are not permitted. Cooking appliances, large exercise equipment, air conditioners and halogen lamps are strictly prohibited.

Cable Television

Though cable is provided in all residence hall rooms, students must bring their own TVs.

Campus Mail

The Mailroom is located in the lower level of the Kirk Center, where U.S. Mail and UPS parcels can be sent and received. After arriving on campus, each student is assigned a mailbox number. Incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Student Name (first, last, middle initial)
320 S. Main St.
Olivet College
Olivet, MI 49076

Laundry and Vending Machines

Each residence hall has coin-operated washers and dryers. There are also vending machines in each building.


Lofts are permitted in residence hall rooms, provided that certain safety regulations are followed in their construction. The Guidelines for Loft Construction/Loft Registration Form is available from the Housing office. All lofts must be completed and registered by the first full week of October (Fall) or February (Spring). Lofts will be inspected and approved by the Hall Director.

Lounges and Recreation Areas

Each residence hall has lounge areas equipped with comfortable furniture and big screen TVs. There are also separate, newly renovated areas designed specifically for studying. In addition, each hall has a recreation room featuring pool, foosball or ping pong tables.


Pets are NOT permitted in residence hall student rooms, with the exception of harmless fish in a 10 gallon, or smaller, tank.

Safety and Security

Each student will receive a key to his/her room which will also open the main entrance to the building or house. Though Olivet is a small and relatively safe community, it is important that each student assume responsibility for his/her own security. Keys should not be loaned, nor should rooms be left unlocked or outside doors propped open.


Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and offices.

Telephones and Voice Mail

Each room is equipped with one telephone jack. Students should bring their own telephones. In order to make long distance calls, students must sign up for the AT&T ACUS system which provides each student with a personal access code and an individual, monthly bill. Calling cards other than ACUS may not be used on residence hall phones.

Wireless Internet Access

Information Technology Service provides high-speed wireless internet access at student dorm rooms and throughout campus. Olivet College uses Cisco Access Point, wireless devices, to build a wireless data network, which uses the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11b/g (Wi-Fi compliant) standard for wireless LANs. Using certain devices that use similar standard like wireless devices 802.11 card, Cordless Phones, Remote Control, and audio speakers can cause the data rate to drop significantly. For more information on wireless technology usage guidelines, see the Student Handbook.

License Agreement FAQs

All our students complete a Housing Information Form and License Agreement before moving into a residence hall. Following are a few questions we frequently receive concerning the License Agreement:

When do I get my deposit back?

The non-refundable $100 confirmation payment you submit to reserve your space at Olivet College is not a deposit. This amount is applied to your charges for the upcoming semester.

When can I move in?

Please consult the academic calendar for official move in information. Early arrivals are by approval only and on scheduled dates and times.

What if I need housing during vacations/breaks?

The residence halls are closed during formal vacation periods such as Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. A limited number of students who are required to stay on campus during these periods may be granted permission to stay, however, most students should plan to make alternate arrangements.

Can I have a single room?

A limited number of single rooms are available to upperclass students, and will be assigned to those students requesting singles with the highest GPAs and total credits earned. Freshman students may possibly get a single room if available.

Once I have entered into the license agreement, is it possible to break the license?

Generally, no; the license is legally binding for the duration of the agreement (usually two semesters). However, the terms of the agreement do provide for students to request a release in certain situations. Release request forms are available in the Housing Office.