A Resolution in Honor of John S. Homer, Ph.D.

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Professor John Homer

A Resolution in Honor of Professor John S. Homer, Ph.D. from the Faculty & Faculty Senate of Olivet College

WHEREAS, John S. Homer was a professor, mentor, colleague, and friend who served Olivet College for over forty years;

WHEREAS, Dr. Homer taught, mentored and inspired students at a variety of institutions, including over forty years at Olivet College, where he received many accolades and awards during his tenure as professor, including the Peggy and Gorton Riethmiller Advising Award, the Peggy and Gorton Riethmiller Teaching Award, the John J. Shipherd Award, the Presidential Award, the Insurance Program Award, and the 1844 Alumni Award;

WHEREAS, Dr. Homer was a member for over 25 years of the American Association of Higher Education and the American Association of Colleges and Universities, and a frequent presenter at numerous national conferences;

WHEREAS, Dr. Homer was not only a distinguished and dedicated educator, but also a man who demonstrated great care and compassion for his students, always taking an interest in their professional, academic, and personal welfare, working tirelessly to that end;

WHEREAS, John also served the community through the Olivet High School athletic and band programs, as a chaperone for camps, competitions, and other activities. He also served water at football practices and games at Olivet High School and Olivet College, demonstrating his remarkable care for the whole student;

WHEREAS, John was a beloved colleague and friend who possessed a quick wit and offered a kind word whether passing in the hallways of Mott Academic Center, or crossing the square on his way to lunch, or in a faculty or senate meeting;

WHEREAS, John’s untimely and sudden passing has left his colleagues, friends, and family with a profound sense of loss and a hole in their hearts;

WHEREAS, the faculty, staff, and administration of Olivet College are truly grateful for the presence of Dr. John Homer in their lives as a man of integrity, kindness, and humor as we gather on this 23rd day of February in 2022 to remember his many contributions and achievements; now therefore be it

RESOLVED that Olivet College – its faculty, staff, and administration – will create a lasting memorial to Professor John S. Homer, Ph.D., on its campus as a tribute to his dedication and love for this college and its community and as a perpetual sign of gratitude for the work he has done here for over forty years.

Adopted and approved by the Faculty of Olivet College on this 21st day of February, 2022.


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