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Olivet College is unwavering in its belief that the future of humanity rests in the hands, hearts and minds of those who accept responsibility for themselves and others in an increasingly diverse society. To that end, students must immerse themselves in an active academic community that cherishes the diversity of thought and expression.

From its beginning in 1844, Olivet College has believed education should be available to anyone regardless of gender, race or ability to pay. We are committed to providing a diverse campus community with an education that enriches lives intellectually, morally and spiritually.

The Office of Inclusion and Diversity seeks to keep the College connected to our founding principles and ensure that we are available and accessible to the variety of individuals who learn and work at Olivet College.

In maintaining and strengthening this commitment, the Office assists in adapting to the current and future issues that will confront Olivet and society regarding differences and similarities. The Office identifies the strengths, challenges and opportunities within the constructs of the institution related to diversity, inclusion and cultural competence.

Linda Logan, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Inclusion Officer

Olivet College has been rooted in social justice since its founding. Today, we continue to build on this great legacy by cultivating our individual and social responsibility mission while treating people with respect and dignity. Olivet College is intentional about our work in diversity, inclusion and cultural competence. The Office of Inclusion is committed to providing the leadership, training and expertise to keep diversity, equity and inclusion at the forefront for our community.

Office of Inclusion & Diversity Mission & Vision

Olivet College celebrates diversity, encourages inclusivity and aspires to cultural competence among all members of the community.

To create a vibrant community where students and employees feel safe, welcome, included, a sense of belonging and their uniqueness is embraced.

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