Olivet College

Keyes-Barber-Benedict (KBB) Scholars Program

The Olivet College Women’s Leadership Institute (OCWLI) is pleased to present the Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholars Program as a focal point of deep engagement for a select group of women student leaders at Olivet College.

This unique and comprehensive leadership program seeks to energize, engage and unite women students and mentors as they create a clear and compelling path to a successful and fulfilling future as tomorrow’s leaders. The Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholars Program is designed to deeply connect these women scholars with their academic, career and civic passions and prepare them to be exceptional citizens and employees or graduate/professional students upon graduation.

The Courage to Rise Above

In the spirit of our first three graduates as the women who came before them, today’s Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholars learn to embrace their unique qualities and develop the confidence and courage to rise above the rest to become confident, influential and successful women who boldly seek and achieve their dreams.

Gain Extensive Experience

Throughout their four years of study, Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholars will amass an extensive body of knowledge and experience that will benefit them throughout their studies as well on their job search or graduate/professional school applications. They will gain a greater sense of self, develop leadership skills and self confidence, and build their capacity to face down fears, persevere and succeed. They will be inspired to become the leaders every organization seeks and every employer wants.

These value-added experiences for Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholars at Olivet College include:

  • Creation of a personalized strategic roadmap, an individualized strategy that will help each Scholar define a clear and compelling vison to drive the portfolio of experiences at Olivet College and beyond;
  • Completion of a personalized leadership assessment, a tool for building self-awareness and skills necessary for working with others;
  • Completion of the year long OC ATHENA International Leadership Program that focuses on eight key leadership principles;
  • Develop and practice leadership and collaboration skills through delivery of an outreach leadership development program for young girls and women;
  • Mentorship opportunities with strong women professionals;
  • Special job shadowing and internship opportunities;
  • Soft and hard skill development such as teamwork, conflict resolution, time management and communication skills;
  • Development and practice with interviewing and negotiating skills;
  • Opportunities and assistance building a strong professional resume.
Becoming a Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholar at Olivet College

All individuals who identify as a woman and who earned a 3.0 or higher GPA in high school are eligible to apply to the Keyes-Barber-Benedict (KBB) Scholars Program at Olivet College.

In addition to acceptance to Olivet College, a secondary application is required. To learn more about the application process, students may contact their Olivet College admissions representative or the admissions office at admissions@olivetcollege.edu or 800.456.7189. KBB Scholar candidates selected for an interview will be notified by a representative of the Olivet College Women’s Leadership Institute regarding details of the interview process.

Only a select number of KBB Scholars are chosen each year. Scholarships for program participants are available.