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Leadership Camps

OC ATHENA International Middle School Leadership Camp
June 20-22, 2020

OC ATHENA International High School Leadership Camp
June 27-29, 2020

The following topics will be covered at a level appropriate for middle school and high school students.

  1. Networking and Dining Skills
  2. Eight ATHENA International Core Principles of Leadership
    • Living Authentically
    • Learning Constantly
    • Building Relationships
    • Fostering Collaboration
    • Acting Courageously
    • Advocating Fiercely
    • Giving Back
    • Celebrating
  3. Life Lessons in Mental Health – Healthy self-care strategies for mental wellness
  4. Effective Communication Skills
  5. College Student Panel
  6. Inclusion and Diversity
  7. College Admissions Process: How to decide which college is right for you

Campers will also have time to enjoy the indoor pool and other fun activities!

Registration opens March 1, 2020

Gaining Courage & Confidence

Exposure to positive messaging early and often about leadership is critical to the future success of young girls. To support this key objective, in June 2018, the Olivet College Women’s Leadership Institute (OCWLI) held the first middle school/high school leadership camp.

The Olivet College ATHENA International Girls’ Middle & High School Leadership Camps provide an environment for transformative leadership. Our camps are based on the acclaimed ATHENA International leadership model utilized around the world. The Olivet College model is the only continuum program of its kind in the nation, spanning across all programming and reaching from middle school to college students.

The young women that participate in the leadership camps are introduced to ATHENA International’s eight core principles of leadership that are co-facilitated by prominent women leaders and our college students who complete the OC ATHENA International Leadership Program. This provides our college students the opportunity to transition from mentees to mentors. Through this process, our camp participants gain courage and confidence to find their voice and to recognize their unique strengths to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Positive Outcomes

Based upon the pre- and post-camp surveys from the first camp in June 2018, we know that our efforts are making a positive impact.

  • In our post-camp survey participants stated they uncovered characteristics and strengths that gave them the courage and confidence to find their voice.
  • 74 percent said they gained confidence from their camp experience. One middle school participant summed up her camp experience by stating, “I gained a greater sense of self.”

Many of our campers stated that they learned how to act courageously, whether speaking in groups or being braver. They learned how to overcome their fears of taking a stand and realized that they are good enough as they are! Many stated that they learned to be true to themselves and to understand they have the potential to be a leader.

A large majority of campers stated that they struggle with effective social skills. Seeing their struggles firsthand, affirmed to us that while this generation is the most social media-connected, many young women experience high levels of loneliness and anxiety. Providing learning centered on leadership development principles and personal relationship building activities gives them the opportunity to explore their potential in a mentor-based environment. As one camper stated in the post-camp survey, “I learned about my leadership potential, to trust myself, do right for others and how to make new friends.”

We know we can make an upstream impact by giving girls the knowledge and tools they need at a pivotal and crucial developmental period in their lives.

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