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Leadership Camps

These camps are open to students of all genders, gender identities and gender nonconforming identities who have an interest in developing their leadership skills and knowledge. 

Gaining Courage and Confidence

Exposure to positive messaging early and often about leadership is critical to the future success of young girls.

The Olivet College ATHENA International Middle School and High School Leadership Camps provide an environment for transformative leadership. Our camps are based on the acclaimed ATHENA International leadership model utilized around the world.

The students that participate in the leadership camps are introduced to ATHENA International’s eight core principles of leadership that are co-facilitated by prominent women leaders and Olivet College students who completed the OC ATHENA International Leadership Program. Through this process, our camp participants gain courage and confidence to find their voice and to recognize their unique strengths to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Positive Outcomes

We know that our efforts are making a positive impact on camp participants:

  • Past camp participants stated they uncovered characteristics and strengths that gave them the courage and confidence to find their voice.
  • Over 90% of 2019 campers felt that the ATHENA Principles helped them gain more knowledge about their leadership capabilities, and they learned leadership skills from the camp.

Girls also spoke of their newfound leadership confidence:

  • “I discovered that even though I am an introvert, I can lead with confidence.”
  • “I learned to be more vocal and advocate for others who cannot.”
  • “I discovered how to lead with confidence during this camp. It will help me live up to my full potential as a leader.”
  • “I learned to speak up and not to be afraid to think and say my own thoughts.”

In addition, participants said they felt more confident to take on leadership roles, gained more self-care strategies to maintain healthy mental wellness, learned about diversity and inclusion, and felt more prepared for the college admissions process.

We know we can make an upstream impact by giving girls the knowledge and tools they need at a pivotal and crucial developmental period in their lives.