CJ Curriculum

Course Requirements

All courses will be offered during a standard 15-week semester in fall and spring, and an 8-week term in the summer. The courses will be held online. Students will need to complete each of the following courses (31 credits).

Course Credits
CJP 220 Homeland Security  3
CJP 285 Legal Issues  3
IDS 499 CJP Professional Seminar  1
CJP 320 Client Relations  3
ENG 249 Creative Writing  3
IDS 211 Civilization Studies  3
IDS 251 Nature, Technology & Humanity  3
CJP 401 Social Issues in Criminal Justice  3
CJP 370 Police Administration  3
SA 290 Statistics  3
CJP 490 Senior Seminar  3


Additional coursework may be required if the total number of credits brought into Olivet College does not equal 90 credits. Olivet offers the following elective courses: Emergency Management, Criminal Behavior, Juvenile Delinquency, Psycho-social Issues-Gender, Report Writing in CJ and Environmental Law.

Other Ways to Earn Academic Credit

Prior Learning Assessment
Earn credit for your life experience through a Reflection of Learning (Executive Summary) or Documentation of Training/Employment.

Field Training
You have already completed this 16-week training with your department of either Step I – V or Step V Evaluation.

Police Academy
Credit will be awarded for police academy completion if credits are not included within the associate’s degree.


Credit Requirements

Students can transfer up to 62 credits from a two-year college and up to 90 from a four-year college, but must complete 31 credits at Olivet.

Total credits required for graduation from Olivet College — 120 credits

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