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Proposals for Presentations & Poster Sessions

Submission deadline: March 1, 2019

All approved presenters must register for the conference.

Make a Difference: Leading in a Climate of Change

The Michigan American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network is seeking proposals for concurrent presentations and poster sessions on June 4, 2019, the second day of the annual conference. The purpose of the conference is to provide professional development and networking opportunities. Program sessions can be based on theory, research, and/or applied practices. The program committee invites proposals related to the following topical areas:

  • How the changing landscape of higher education is impacting women
  • Transforming yourself; transforming your institution: preparing to lead in a climate of change
  • The architecture of inclusion: lifting as we climb
  • Strategies women of color should consider when preparing to lead
  • Challenging academia & advocating for your voice
  • Strategies for faculty advancement in a changing climate
  • How social media can advance your career: making an impression using the internet

Submitters are welcome to propose other topics that fit the general theme and guidelines.

Other potential topics
  • Career development (ideas on how to use tuition exchange, professional development, etc.)
  • Conflict resolution (with students, parents, co-workers)
  • Effective communication and negotiation (job advancement, pay)
  • Financial tips (working with a financial advisor)
  • Leadership styles/development
  • Work-life balance (how do we make this work?)
  • Relations in the workplace in the #MeToo era
  • How and why to use gender neutral/gender inclusive pronouns
Guidelines for Presentation Proposals

Presentations will be scheduled for 45-minute sessions and should fit one the following formats. When submitting a proposal, please select the presentation format that best suits the proposed conference session.

  • Information/research presentation: Session presents academic research, applied research, or information on topics related to academic professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Panel discussion: Two or more speakers provide their perspectives on a single topic or mutual/collaborative area, after which the audience has the opportunity to ask questions of the entire panel.
  • Interactive sessions: Interactive sessions may consist of one of the following settings:
  1. “MI-ACE Talk,” ie a TED-style Talk: Two speakers present on one focused on the conference theme, “Making a Difference: Leading in a Climate of Change.” Presenters should reserve 15 minutes of their 45 minutes for audience questions and feedback.
  • Round table discussions: A facilitator provides an opportunity for attendees to discuss a topic in small groups.
  • Workshop: A presenter or workshop leader presents and facilitates an activity for the audience. The activity should guide the audience to be successful in a professional development process.
Guidelines for Poster sessions

Poster session participants place materials such as pictures, data, graphs, diagrams and narrative text on boards that are usually 4 x 8 feet. During their assigned hour time periods, participants informally discuss their presentations with conference attendees.   A poster should provide a visually pleasing presentation using text and graphics. Presenters should prepare a concise and efficient presentation of their research to inform their audience of new and intriguing information. Preparation of the poster, including handouts and printing, is the responsibility of the presenter.

If you have questions, email MIACEConf@olivetcollege.edu.

All approved presenters must register for the conference.


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