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Campaign Priorities

Enriching the Student Experience

Project Goal – $15,925,000

Olivet College’s one-of-a-kind educational experience offers not just the degree, but the moral example to become the great citizens and leaders so many of this generation aspire to. The college is committed first and foremost to providing an academic and co-curricular experience that prepares students to take on the world’s most complex challenges.

Enriching the Student Experience

Join the Responsible Learners – Responsible Leaders Campaign

Learning to Lead on the Playing Field: Athletic Enhancements

Project Goal – $4,120,000

Olivet College recognizes that in order for its students to lead a changing world while achieving individual and professional success, an education based on character, as much as intelligence, is more critical than ever. For the majority of our students, that character is built in athletic competition. As Olivet College focuses on growing its athletic opportunities, the number of leaders who take those skills from the field to the greater world will grow too.

Learning to Lead on the Playing Field

Join the Responsible Learners – Responsible Leaders Campaign

A Vibrant Campus and Community: Campus Beautification and Sustainability

Project Goal – $1,955,000

For Olivet College students, the first seeds of responsibility are planted when they learn The Compact, a set of seven principles that define what it means to be responsible leaders in their communities and the world. Two of those principles notably state the following:

  • I am responsible for service to Olivet College and the larger community.
  • I am responsible for contributing to the quality of the physical environment .

As Olivet College works toward enhancing the vibrancy of campus and community life, it is serving as a living example of these principles in action. A large part of the college’s work includes partnering with the city of Olivet to build a community that meets its full potential.

A Vibrant Campus & Community

Join the Responsible Learners – Responsible Leaders Campaign