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Project Goal – $1,955,00

For Olivet College students, the first seeds of responsibility are planted when they learn The Compact, a set of seven principles that define what it means to be responsible leaders in their communities and the world. Two of those principles notably state the following:

  • I am responsible for service to Olivet College and the larger community.
  • I am responsible for contributing to the quality of the physical environment .

As Olivet College works toward enhancing the vibrancy of campus and community life, it is serving as a living example of these principles in action. A large part of the college’s work includes partnering with the city of Olivet to build a community that meets its full potential.


Land Acquisition for New Housing and Programs - $220,000

Imagine an expanded residential community of 1,800 students living the Olivet College experience on a daily basis. As the college works toward growing its student population, the campus calls for significant expansion in residential capacity.

Newly developed housing concepts seek to provide much more than just places for students to sleep. Plans include a spectrum of living environments that will support students’ various needs and interests. An interconnected residential community will expose students to roommates and suite-mates, small villages of multiple buildings, and campus neighborhoods. Each residential option will offer a unique blend of features while all students remain within easy walking distance of academic, student life, athletic and other destinations, including their friends’ campus homes.

Renovations are complete on the college’s classic dormitories – Blair, Dole and Shipherd halls. Design work for a second phase of Gillette Student Village and additional housing has also been developed.

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The Dole Hall Welcome Center - $910,000

Located at the heart of campus and city of Olivet, the new Dole Hall Welcome Center is now considered the “front door” of Olivet College. With its important role in housing the Office of Admissions, creating an inviting and clearly identifiable location for welcoming visitors, prospective students and their families to campus was necessary.

While keeping the building’s historic image and significance intact, the new welcome center includes a modernized admissions office and administrative wing, two new guest bathrooms, improvements to the main hallway, new front entrance sidewalk from Main Street, refreshed landscaping, expanded parking, improved accessibility and enhanced dorm room security. Recently completed updates include cosmetic improvements to Klock Commons and the newly-named Thomas E. Kolassa ‘69 Conference Room, formerly known as the Blue Room meeting space. In addition, as part of the admissions transformation included private conference rooms, thanks to gifts from Rod ’81 and Amy Hathaway, Jeff and Beth ’90 Wildern, Richard ’68 and Reva ’68 Parrella, and Bill ’67 and Anne Telling.

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Greek Housing Renovations - $825,000

Greek life at Olivet College is almost as old has the institution itself. Literary societies were established by students looking for alternative social-cultural opportunities other than those organized by the college. Students wanted to lead, not be led. They were looking for a network of like-minded friends. They wanted a home. One hundred and seventy-five years later, students still seek these same experiences.

Chapter houses are a significant part of each organization’s unique and rich history. Unfortunately, time takes a toll on a house. Thanks to the following seven Greek society alumni who have taken the lead on this project, chapter houses are being refreshed, remodeled and rebuilt, all for the benefit of today’s and future generations of Greek students.

  • Kappa Sigma Alpha
  • Adelphic Alpha Pi
  • Alpha Xi Omega
  • Mu Omega Pi
  • Phi Alpha Pi
  • Sigma Beta
  • Soronian

Join the Responsible Learners – Responsible Leaders Campaign