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The Case for Olivet College

Olivet College’s purpose is to graduate students whose foundation is built upon an understanding of their individual responsibilities, along with the responsibility they have to serve as leaders throughout society for a better tomorrow. To help us further this mission, today the college calls on you – a responsible leader.

Olivet College has been and must remain one of the most diverse student populations of any private liberal arts college in Michigan. Our student body is composed of a strong mix of first-generation college students, students from urban and rural backgrounds, and students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Distinctively, this uncommon degree of ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic diversity provides a tremendous experience and advantage for Olivet graduates over those from other colleges, allowing their responsible leadership to reach all corners of society.

Today’s world calls for decision makers who believe in societal impact and commitment to the common good – leaders who take into account all stakeholders, their peers, families, colleagues and clients, as well as the environment, their communities and future generations. We look to Millennials and Centennials for leaders who will inspire change and restore the moral fibers great societies are built upon – honor, integrity and character.

Olivet College provides its students with the environment and opportunity to take their willingness and desire, and turn it into real action. Our one-of-a-kind educational experience offers not just the degree, but the moral example to become the great citizens and leaders so many of this generation aspire to.

The power to lead responsibly in this world starts with Olivet College. It starts with an opportunity other colleges and universities cannot or will not provide. It starts with their first day living on campus, and with each distinct new relationship formed with classmates and professors.

Most importantly, it starts with you.

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