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The Campaign for Olivet College

The Responsible Learners – Responsible Leaders: Olivet College 2020 and Beyond, the most ambitious and comprehensive campaign in the college’s history, will raise $44 million to support academic and co-curricular programs, campus facilities and equipment, and faculty and staff. This is a critical step forward in building on the college’s strength and vitality to position it as the institution where responsible leaders are shaped.

Together, we will

  • enhance the strength, vitality and sustained future of the college;
  • prepare students to lead in an increasingly complex world; and,
  • create immediate and lasting impact on the campus as well as in communities and countries served by our graduates around the globe.

The campaign supports priorities in academics and co-curricular programs, athletics, campus beautification and sustainability, and operations, across four major content areas:

  • enriching the student experience;
  • learning to lead on the playing field;
  • creating a vibrant campus and community; and,
  • growing and sustaining the college of the future.

Concluding in 2019, the Olivet College campaign will advance the institution’s mission of “teaching the divine art and science of doing good to others,” as declared by our founders in 1844 and set the pace for how true leadership is defined.

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