Allyson Schultz ’17 — Student to Alumna

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Olivet College’s Alumni Council welcomes graduates of all backgrounds, decades and majors, including Allyson Schultz ’17. Despite only joining the alumni network a few short years ago, Allyson was eager to give back to her alma mater soon after graduating.
“The Alumni Council is a great opportunity to stay connected with the College. You continue to be able to influence decisions and aid in up-and-coming projects,” Allyson said. “I have helped put together Homecoming events and Commencement events in my role. My favorite part of the experience has been seeing students graduate from Olivet and hearing about all of their wonderful accomplishments and future plans.”
While a student, Allyson served on the Student Government Association (SGA) at Olivet College, laying the foundation for her role on the Council. Just as SGA members serve as representatives for the overall study body, Alumni Council members serve as ambassadors of Olivet College and the Office of Alumni Engagement by volunteering during events such as Homecoming, interviewing students for Alumni Council Scholarships, hosting events and contacting fellow alumni, all in addition to making lifelong connections.
“The purpose of the Alumni Council is to bring together like-minded individuals who love Olivet College and have its best interest in mind!” she said. “This is important as the College is always changing and evolving.”
In addition to her work on the Council, Allyson is an outpatient sports rehab physical therapist at Mary Free Bed. She has a strong passion for sports; while at OC, she was a member of the golf, swimming and diving, cross country, and track and field teams. Allyson is currently working toward a sports certification specialty to treat athletes returning to sports as well as the active population as a whole. She also enjoys staying active and participating in leisure activities.
“I chose to attend OC because of the small class sizes and the opportunity to participate in various things simultaneously,” Allyson said. “It was a small, close-knit community, which I really enjoyed. I did a lot of growing up in college, and the staff and my friends at OC really helped this happen and shaped me into who I am today. I still enjoy participating in a wide variety of things like I did at Olivet, and I learned how to juggle a lot of things while still being successful, which carries over into my life today.”
Allyson’s experience from her time as a student to an alumni and professional has come full circle. She has always been passionate about sharing her experience as a Comet and ensuring other students have the same positive experience.
“I want high school students to know that at Olivet, you really feel like a part of a family,” Allyson said. “You are not a number like you may be at a large university. Your professors will actually know your first name and respond on a first-name basis as well. You will always feel welcome and open to sharing your opinions, challenges and questions throughout your time at Olivet.”
Learn more about Olivet College or the Alumni Council, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at alumnirelations@olivetcollege.edu.


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