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President’s Annual Report

Dear friends,

Olivet College was founded nearly 177 years ago on the principles of respect, integrity, honesty and love for one another. Kneeling upon the hill where Olivet College now stands, our founders vowed to create an inclusive institution of higher learning, defined and strengthened by who it includes, not by who it excludes. Olivet College is about more than an opportunity to be admitted to college; it’s about the opportunity to obtain a college degree that will change lives.

We have much to be proud of; however, as our country confronts continued social injustices, Olivet College must play an active role in creating a better future. Now is the time for us to take a closer look at our commitment to equity and fairness.

In this special issue of Shipherd’s Record and The President’s Annual Report, we have a “courageous conversation” on inclusion and diversity at Olivet College (pages 6-9). You’ll re ad how our students come to rely on the family-like atmosphere at Olivet College for guidance, support and mentorship, from admission through graduation and beyond (pages 18-19). We also learn how access to health and wellness services creates a sense of safety, well-being and belonging for our students (page 14).

In this issue, we also affirm the value of an Olivet College education. We see firsthand how a college education changes the lives of the graduate and those the graduate interacts with daily. Our alumni demonstrate how living the Olivet College value of Individual and Social Responsibility has power beyond measure. Zoe Feighner ’19, Tyler Goerbig ’17 and Kinslea Blouin ’19 are criminal justice professionals who create positive change daily (pages 10-13). Megan Newton ’13 is committed to helping children in foster care find loving forever homes (page 15). Judith Tellez-Gonzalez ’13 (page 17) and Priscilla Dhanapal Mohl ’77 (pages 20-21) work tirelessly to instill a passion for education in school children in Mexico and India, respectively. Lamontriale Hale ’01 (page 16), a founding member of Mu Omega Pi, is dedicated to helping youth, particularly young men, reach their full potential.

Alumni, students, faculty and staff often say Olivet College is a “special place.” I hear the stories and aspirations of our students and the words of gratitude of alumni. I see the commitment of our faculty and staff. In the Honor Roll of Donors (pages 32-35), we recognize and express our gratitude to all who have shown their support of the College, our mission and our students. The generous financial support of donors ensures future generations of students and alumni have the opportunity to change the legacy of their lives and the lives of others.

Olivet College is more than an institution; it’s a family. As a family — and as Olivetians — we must work together to ensure all students desiring a college degree have that opportunity. We must support equity and fairness for all. We must dedicate ourselves to Individual and Social Responsibility.

As we enter the holiday season, may peace and good health be your gift at Christmas and your blessing through the season and new year.

Best regards,

Steven M. Corey, Ph.D.