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Refer a future Comet

Father Shipherd’s vision 175 years ago was to do good for students, by placing in their hands the means of intellectual, moral and spiritual improvement, and to teach them the divine art and science of doing good to others. The single greatest way you can help ensure the sustainability of that vision and the continuity of Education for Individual and Social Responsibility is through the referral of prospective students.

Did you love your experience with Olivet College? Do you wish others could have that same special experience? Would you like to introduce a high school student to your Alma Mater?  Alumni may make a preferential referral of prospective Comets by using this referral form.

There are two types of student referrals:

Basic Referral

Basic referral of any high school student; no additional involvement of referring individual required.

Comet Connections Referral

Alumni referral of high school students in his/her family; ongoing involvement of the referring alumna/alumnus required. This is a high-participation scholarship and support program for incoming first year or new transfer students who are closely connected to an Olivet College alumna or alumnus.