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Comet Connections Initiative Referral and Application Form

Alumni are the heart and soul of Olivet College, with deep and meaningful connections to the college, current students, and one another. Alumni are also in the best position to refer potential students; having a deep and personal knowledge of both the college and the student allows alumni to refer students who will have a remarkable experience at Olivet and find both satisfaction and success in their educational journey.

Program Description

The Comet Connections initiative was developed to provide a special mentoring and support program for students referred by alumni, recognizing the importance and contributions of our alumni and the remarkable legacy created when multiple generations in a family experience an Olivet College education.

This initiative will provide a strong support system and community for incoming Comet Connections students, leveraging the referring alumna/alumnus, an on-campus alumni mentor, and fellow Comet Connections students.

The Comet Connections initiative is a high-participation program which involves the student, the referring alumna/alumnus, an assigned alumni office mentor, and Admissions. The purpose of the program is to engage the student and their referring alumna/alumnus early on in the college evaluation process to achieve high engagement and satisfaction, and to maintain that connectedness and involvement through the student’s deposit and commit date, move-in day, and the first year of school. Our end goal is the enable the student’s success and help create a positive and meaningful experience.


Under the Comet Connections initiative, we have established meaningful benefits for students formally referred by alumni. This includes both traditional “legacy” students (children and grandchildren of alumni), as well as other significant relationships between alumni and students (aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends of the family, etc.).

Students who come to Olivet College on the formal and proactive referral of an alumna/alumnus to whom they are closely connected are eligible to participate.

While student is evaluating potential fit:

· Specially-arranged visit for the student involving faculty, staff, and students from their areas of interest.

· Assignment of an alumni mentor who works on campus; coordinated through the alumni office.

· Ongoing communications between assigned alumni office staff and referring alumna/alumnus.

· Ongoing communications between assigned alumni office mentor and student.

Once student commits and deposits:

· Ongoing communications and support from assigned alumni office mentor between commit date and move-in day.

Once the student moves in!

· Comet Connections scholarship in the amount of $1,000 per year, which is renewable each year the student and his/her referring alumna/alumnus continue to actively participate.

· Comet Connections welcome basket on move-in day, including official Comet Connections t-shirt. Meet-up with fellow Comet Connections students and mentors.

· Built-in community with fellow Comet Connections students.

· Assigned alumni office mentor, who will serve as a contact, resource, friendly face, and support for the student during his/her first year on campus.

· Monthly mentoring meetings.

· Ongoing and regular communications between referring alumna/alumnus and student during first year.

· In-person meeting with referring alumna/alumnus, alumni office mentor, and student once per semester. The purpose is to engage the support “team” for the student in identifying what they need, any struggles, what’s working well, needed support, etc. The format of this once-per-semester meeting or connection can vary based on what works for all three involved.

· “First Fridays” connection lunches and/or field trips with other Comet Connections students and alumni office mentors. Builds relationships and community among students and mentors as a group.

Sponsoring Alumna/Alumnus

The sponsoring alumna/alumnus must commit to be in regular communications with the student throughout the first year through phone, text, mail, and/or e-mail, as well as coming to campus once each semester. The first year at college can be a challenging time for young adults. The alumna/alumnus should be prepared to provide support and resources for personal, academic, and emotional needs to ensure the student can be successful and develop independence over time.


Comet Connections students will be expected to fully participate in the initiative, including the following:

· Engage in regular communications with sponsoring alumna/alumnus;

· Engage in regular communications with alumni office mentor, including monthly mentoring meetings and phone, text, or email communications in between monthly meetings.

· Participate in monthly “First Fridays” gatherings with fellow Comet Connections students.

· Participate in twice-annual meetings with sponsor alumna/alumnus and on-campus mentor.

· Make a good faith and regular effort to connect with fellow Comet Connections students and provide support to each other within that community.


Any questions may be directed to Samantha Pearl ’00, Director of Alumni Engagement, at (269) 749-7644 or spearl@olivetcollege.edu.

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