Fun in the Sun at Olivet College

Olivet College campus in the summer is peaceful and calm. Our beloved squirrels run wild, the trees grace the square with shade and flowers abound. It’s quiet. It’s beautiful. Despite the quiet, a lively student population remains on campus throughout the summer.   Rising senior Destinee Hawkins is one such student. “Campus is nice in the […]

Todd Seipenko—Reaching Lifelong Goals, Thanks to Olivet College

Olivet College is known for being accommodating. It is a place where students of diverse backgrounds feel welcome, included and valued. Todd Seipenko learned that this is true for our non-traditional students as well. After 25 years in law enforcement, he decided it was time to go back to school and earn his bachelor’s degree.  Growing […]

Meet Liberty Tetlaff: Pursuing Her Passion

Rising sophomore Liberty Tetzlaff is a sports psychology major from Middleville, Michigan. Fueled by passion, community, and close relationships with others, Liberty has been able to find her home at Olivet College. When she discovered Olivet College, it was as close to home as she had seen. “Olivet College has an environment where everyone knows […]

Julia Mellinger—Finding her Place at Olivet College

Not all college experiences are linear and smooth. Sometimes it takes a little bit to find a fit that works for you. This is what Julia Mellinger, who is studying media production and communication and fitness management, discovered when she started college at a large university. It did not feel like the right place for […]

London Eldridge—On Track to Becoming a Veterinarian

After graduating top of her high school class, London Eldridge completed her first year at Olivet College as a biology major with a minor in biochemistry.  London first heard about Olivet College through a friend and decided to check it out. It turned out to be a perfect fit. She was drawn to Olivet’s size […]

Sarah Lafoe – Californian Taking on Michigan

Olivet College tends to be pretty quiet in the summer, but senior Sarah Lafoe, hailing from Southern California, is one student who enjoys the peace and calm. With the current prices of travel, Sarah thought it best to stay close to campus. The decision to stay was made easier by her many friends who are […]

Chase Mendham—Impacting Lives through Insurance and Risk Management

It is no secret that one of Olivet College’s greatest charms is its small, close-knit community, and this is what drew Chase Mendham to the college. Growing up in Coopersville, a small town north of Grand Rapids, Chase felt right at home in Olivet. He is now an insurance and risk management major going into […]

Earthbound — Changing the Environment for the Better One Small Act at a Time

Patrick Geddes, a Scottish conversationist in the early 20th century, first coined the phrase, “Think globally, act locally.” Earthbound, one of the many clubs Olivet College has to offer, has taken this phrase to heart. This club’s primary mission is to support the preservation of the environment and share its importance with others.   Former club […]

Jill Post—Why She Chose Olivet College

Jill Post is a graduating senior studying visual art. Growing up in a small town, Jill was ready for the small size of Olivet. Although she is an art student, the music program is what stole her heart when she first discovered Olivet College. In 2017, she had a visit with the honors band. Before this, […]

Kaylee Richardson ’22 – Locally Grown

Kaylee Richardson ’22 is a born and raised Olivetian. Olivet College was a clear choice for her because of its accounting program and the opportunity to continue in athletics. Her proximity to the school made the decision even easier, and she commuted her first two years as a student. However, by the time her junior […]

Kennedy Ellis—Her Unique Journey with Olivet College

Kennedy Ellis: Headshot

  Here at Olivet College, there is no cookie-cutter path to graduation. Everyone’s journey is a little different and customizable to their interests and goals. Kennedy Ellis discovered this early in her time with Olivet College when she decided on an independent major in sustainable agriculture. She has a specific career goal in mind. “After graduating […]