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  • Olivet College CARES: Required Student Survey & Responses to Your Questions

    Dear Students, Olivet College is excited to be returning to “normal” this fall. Returning to a traditional in-person and residential educational experience will provide interactions that we know have a high impact on your ability to learn and be successful here at the College. The pandemic is fluid, however. It is not over, and it […]

  • Olivet College CARES: Our Return to Normal

    Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, The fall semester is fast approaching, with Move-In Day and the start of classes just four weeks away. As we prepare for the start of a new academic year, I wanted to provide you with an update on our approach to this fall. Our Return to Normal As we prepare […]

  • Olivet College CARES: Take a Shot to Win $2 Million — It’s Worth It!

    Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, Is the chance to win $2 million worth a shot? More than 1 million Michiganders think so! You could earn your chance to win up to $2 million, too, simply by receiving your first dose of the free COVID-19 vaccine between now and July 31 and registering at MIShotToWin.com. About $5 million in cash […]

  • Olivet College CARES: We’re Up to the Challenge!

    I rolled up my sleeve because … My grandfather is 86 years old. He, like many others, is a part of a high risk-group when it comes to getting COVID. I got vaccinated not only to protect myself and him, but because I trust science and medicine. Trust modern medicine and get vaccinated.” — Ben […]

  • Olivet College CARES: The Higher the Number Vaccinated = A More Normal Campus Life

    “I chose to get vaccinated … I didn’t feel comfortable going home due to the fact that I live with two very high-risk individuals, my grandparents. I also have a younger sister with severe asthma, and I wanted to keep her safe. … I also have to think of the kids I work with on […]

  • Olivet College CARES: Changes to Policies and Guidelines

    Dear Faculty and Staff, Thank you to those of you who attended Monday’s employee forum regarding our return to in-person work on June 7. We appreciate your questions, comments, patience and understanding as we navigate the many changes taking place at the state level with regards to in-person work and its impact on the Olivet […]

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