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Natural and Physical Sciences

  • Olivet College Announces the Class of 2020

    Olivet College recently celebrated the Class of 2020 with a video graduation celebration. Two hundred and twenty-one graduates were honored, including traditional undergraduates students and graduates of the Master of Business Administration in Insurance program, RN-BSN Program and Criminal Justice Professional Degree Program. The video included messages from President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D., Provost Maria […]

  • Five Minutes with Erin Pavloski ‘13, Visiting Assistant Professor of Natural and Physical Sciences

    Erin Pavloski ’13 recently joined the OC faculty to serve as visiting assistant professor of natural and physical sciences. While she is new to the College’s faculty, she has been a member of the College family for years, earning her degree in environmental science and biology and graduating among the top five in her class. […]

  • Payton Leonard: A Life-Changing College Experience

    Sophomore Payton Leonard approached college with a major doubt: how could she have a relationship-based college experience that matched her high school experience? The answer was Olivet College. “My hometown, Fife Lake, is very small and it is for that reason that I felt most comfortable on Olivet’s campus,” Payton said. “It gave me the […]

  • Jordyn Osterland — Graduating Career Ready

    Senior Jordyn Osterland is preparing for a career in the medical field. While many students choose a biology major as a basis for their pre-medical studies, Jordyn felt compelled to go a different route and is studying chemistry. “I became interested in the medical field when my grandpa was struggling with health issues while I […]

  • Zach Meharg — From the Classroom to the Research Field

    Biology and mathematics major Zach Meharg is preparing for his senior year at Olivet College. He’s gearing up for the swim season and an exciting independent study. This fall, Zach will be using the knowledge he’s learned in hands-on classrooms for his own real-world project — curating Michigan beetles. “One of every five organisms is a beetle,” Zach […]

  • Family Matters: Samantha ’19 and Sabrina ’19 Butler

    No, Samantha Butler ’19 does not trade places with her twin sister, Sabrina ’19. If you poke Samantha, Sabrina doesn’t feel it, too. In fact, the two sisters want others to know that, no, they are not the same person. The two are different, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. “I think I’ve […]

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