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  • Farm Bureau Insurance Continues to Support Olivet’s Insurance and Risk Management Program After 32 Years

    Don Simon, CEO of Farm Bureau Insurance, and Sherry Martin, vice president of Farm Bureau Insurance, refuse to believe that the insurance industry is uninteresting. “It’s important to us to change the messaging that insurance is boring,” Martin said. “We rebuild families, homes, businesses. Every day there’s something new and exciting. We are here to […]

  • Hosford History Center and Lawrence Archive: From the Past to the Future

    The Hosford House has been part of Olivet College for almost as long as the college has been in existence. Built by Oramel Hosford, one of institution’s founders, the house is believed to be the oldest residence in the city of Olivet and one of the college’s most historic structures. Come Founders’ Day 2019, it […]

  • Small Actions Add Up: Tammy Walters ’80

    A small decision can make a large impact. Just ask Tammy Walters ‘80, Olivet College alum, employee and donor. She agreed to temporarily fill a job vacancy at Olivet’s Housing department, something she expected would only last for a season or so. She ended up in the position for nearly 20 years. Of course, that […]

  • Taking Action for the Good of Others: Dr. Sharon Hobbs  

    To Dr. Sharon Hobbs, success is a combination of passion, skill and finding the right fit. Throughout her life, she has maintained passions for human behavior and helping others. She has put that to use in both her career and during her close involvement with Olivet College, which she has worked with since 2005. Sharon […]

  • Melanie Engels ’08: The Foundation of Adult Life

    Steven M. Corey, Ph.D., president of Olivet College, speaks of the Olivet College experience in a way that brings it to life for those who haven’t lived it, and brings it to mind for those who have. As he describes it, there are as many different college experiences as there are different kinds of college […]

  • A Changed Life is Now Changing the Lives of Others

    Sometimes, a student really rockets into their future after graduation. Serafin Llerena is one incredible example. Every year since his graduation in 2011, Serafin has been working toward a very specific goal – to be an athletic director for an MIAA school – and every employment and volunteer experience has been purposeful in support of […]

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