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Olivet College emphasizes quality by providing an exceptional atmosphere for students to live and learn in. Over the past decade, the College has improved campus lighting and sidewalks, updated common areas and bathrooms in residence halls and renovated the Office of Admissions. These improvements demonstrate the College’s commitment to its students.
One of the Olivet College Compact principles states that students, faculty, staff and the board of trustees will be responsible for contributing to the quality of the physical environment by maintaining and improving facilities and grounds to enhance the safety, security and appearance of their surroundings. Beautification and improvement projects affirm the College’s commitment to caring for the campus.
“It is very important to physically represent the College in the best light possible,” said Larry Colvin, director of facilities. “Usually the better an area looks, the more likely students will take pride in their school. I believe the campus lighting, sidewalks and bathroom improvements are very important for retention.”
Doug Reynolds, maintenance tradesperson, has worked at Olivet since 2010 and often plays a large role in residence hall projects. He recognizes the direct impact of his work and the role a beautiful campus plays in attracting prospective students.
“When students come in for a tour, they notice the quality of the dorms, and parents especially notice,” he said. “First impressions are everything, so it’s very important to have a beautiful campus.”
Michelle Wallenberg, gift and data manager for the Office of Advancement, regularly works with alumni. Wallenberg, who has served the College since 2011, has seen how the generosity of alumni and other donors has made the transformation of campus possible.
“By making updates and improvements, we are showing our students that we care about their environment,” Wallenberg said. “I think the renovation of the Office of Admissions was huge. It gave the College a contemporary, fresh look that is welcoming and inviting to our new students and their families. By taking pride in the beauty of our campus, I believe it shows that we also take pride in our academic reputation, and we always make sure students are our number one priority.”
The campus beautification projects, key aspects of the 2020 and Beyond strategic plan, were funded by gifts to the comprehensive campaign.
“A strategic plan provides a path or road map to allow you to not only know where you are currently, but identify where you are headed and how to get there,” Colvin said. “It is an important tool in planning the development and use of resources into the future.”
Just as a strategic plan serves as a path to the future, campus sidewalks and lighting guide students down a path to a bright future.


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