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Accessibility For All

A building can be more than just a structure that stands permanently in once place – the case for Mott Academic Center, the 50-year-old heart of Olivet College learning and development. Nearly every student’s educational journey includes Mott at the core, but more...

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Nicole Deweyert – Relationships are Everything

Sophomore Nicole Deweyert has a story similar to many other Comets. The promise to continue playing the sport she loves paired with a welcoming community made Olivet College the perfect fit for her. Even with high expectations, the people she has met and the...

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New Faculty Members at OC

Olivet College welcomed one of its largest incoming classes in history this fall, with 425 new students joining the student body. Along with the student growth Olivet is experiencing, seven new faculty members were also added to the exceptional instructional staff at...

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New HHP Lab Enriches Student Experience

Olivet College strives to provide students with the most innovative technology to enhance their studies. State of the art classrooms with the most modern computers and software show student experience is the top priority. One example is the Health and Human (HHP)...

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Meet KayDee Perry, AP of health and human performance

KayDee Perry, assistant professor of health and human performance, runs a tight ship. She is the teacher-education preparation specialist in her department. With a primary focus on the physical education courses at Olivet College, she mentors countless students...

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Jalen Weaver’s Story

If Jalen Weaver could pass a bit of advice to future Comets it would be, “don’t blink.” His time at Olivet College has flown by. “It leaves me feeling like I’m not ready to move on! I’m thankful I have one more year left,” he said. Weaver, a junior majoring in...

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