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IRA Charitable Rollover

Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution from Your IRA

Legislation signed in 2015 permanently extended the popular gift option known as the IRA Charitable Rollover—a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA. This is good news for IRA owners age 70½ and over who want to support our work, because you can use your IRA required minimum distribution (RMD) to make a meaningful gift. It’s easy to do.

  • Instruct your IRA custodian to make a distribution directly to our organization.
  • Although there is no tax deduction, the distribution is excluded from your income for federal tax purposes—no tax is due!
  • Up to $100,000 of your gift qualifies for this favorable tax treatment.
  • Your gift makes an immediate impact.

Please contact us to learn more about planning and completing an IRA Rollover gift, or click here to calculate your required minimum distribution.