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Support, second chances and family. That’s what Olivet College has given to six Marygrove College students after the institution announced it would be suspending its undergraduate program at the end of 2017. In wake of the news, Olivet College’s president, Dr. Corey, reached out to the school and offered assistance to students exploring transfer options.

“We recognize this is an extremely difficult time for the students, faculty and staff at Marygrove, and we wanted to show our complete and continued support for their community,” said Lisa Lehman, OC assistant vice president for admissions. “What’s most important for everyone involved is providing the opportunity for Marygrove students to continue their education and meet all of their future goals. We have made it our priority to provide a seamless transition for Marygrove students coming to Olivet College. We hope that Marygrove students will embrace our diverse student body, become involved in the many extracurricular activities offered at Olivet College and not only graduate with their degree, but with an amazing college experience.”

Like Marygrove College, Olivet offers a strong liberal arts curriculum, with a focus on individual and social responsibility. Comets have an immersive, residential, small college relationship-based experience. For 173 years, OC has defined itself by who it includes, not who it excludes. It has one of the most diverse student bodies among Michigan’s private colleges. In addition, half of the student body is first-generation college students. Due to these similarities, it was evident there was tremendous potential for Marygrove students to be extremely successful at Olivet College.

To assist Marygrove College transfer students, Olivet College is committed to admitting any new students who have been admitted to Marygrove and all current students in good academic standing. OC also ensures the out-of-pocket costs will remain equal to Marygrove costs for the 2017-18 academic year. Further, Olivet College will accept all transfer credits from Marygrove with a 2.0 or higher grade.

Junior Leshaun Phillips has witnessed this all firsthand, starting with his basketball coach at Marygrove College breaking the news about the suspension of the undergraduate program to his team weeks before classes began, and only a few short months until their season started. “It was a shock,” Leshaun said. “I couldn’t process it fully until the day after because the only thing that I thought about was basketball and my teammates. We grew a bond, and I didn’t know what the next move was going to be.”

Four days later, Leshaun began applying to other schools, overwhelmed with the situation at hand. Finally, he saw a light at the end of the tunnel when he received a call from OC head men’s basketball coach Steve Ernst. Coach Ernst reached out to Leshaun, recognizing his talents on the court and personally invited him to check out OC. “I was overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of everyone,” Leshaun said. “Everything made me feel very welcomed and at the time that’s exactly what I needed.”

Leshaun says the unexpected transfer was one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do in his life, but relied on God to lead him in the right direction, and he is excited for his future, especially basketball season. This semester, he is continuing his studies in graphic design and looks forward to bonding with his new teammates.

Olivet College will visit Marygrove College on Oct. 12 and 19 to answer questions and help students see their potential to succeed as a Comet. Contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@olivetcollege.edu to learn more about transferring to OC, and the guarantees you will receive to ensure your college education stays on track.


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