Olivet College
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Mascot History

Before 1932, OC did not have an official nickname or mascot. Over the years, unofficial mascots included a number of dogs and one sheep. Jack the dog was so popular that he was even celebrated on an OC postcard.

As other schools in the MIAA athletic conference began adopting mascots and nicknames, OC decided it was time its athletic teams had an official mascot, too. OC students and faculty were invited to submit names that signified action, speed and mobility. A January 13, 1932 Echo article said, that while “acorns, oaks and leaves” suggest Olivet College, as a mascot none embody “the militant ardor of athletics.” The five finalists came down to: The Reds, the Pioneers, the Vets, the Falcons, and the Comets. It was senior D. Whitford Davies ’32 who submitted the Comets.