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Our mathematics and computer science programs will prepare you for a career in areas as varied as actuarial science, teaching and software development in industries ranging from information technology, to insurance and finance. Mathematics and Computer Science majors are highly employable, as career opportunities in technological fields continue to skyrocket.

If you choose to pursue a math or computer science degree at Olivet College, you’ll learn to apply your knowledge far beyond the classroom. From computer programming and math competitions, to tutoring services, you’ll have multiple opportunities to apply your skills in a real-world professional setting. You’ll also have constant access to your faculty, both in- and outside the classroom. This one-on-one attention combined with our small class sizes ensure you’ll get the attention you need to attain your academic and career goals!

Reach out to our admissions team at 1.800.456.7189 or admissions@olivetcollege.edu.