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MBA in Insurance & Risk Management

Have you considered going back to school, but don’t know if it would be worth it or not? For some people, going back to school makes a lot of money over the years. For other people, the investment makes no financial sense. Have you ever wondered whether going back to school for a MBA in Insurance & Risk Management would be worth it for you? Well, we created an easy way for you to find out. You can use the ROI calculator below to figure out whether getting another degree would be worth it. How much more money would you make over the course of your life if you had a MBA in Insurance & Risk management? Find out below!

How Much More Will I Make With An MBA in Insurance & Risk Management?

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How it works

“ROI” stands for “Return on Investment”. That means, how much money you will make by investing in, after subtracting the cost of the degree program and associated costs. Using the ROI calculator is a snap! Here’s some quick instructions to get you started. However, if you have any trouble, feel free to contact us and we’ll give you a hand.

  • Enter the date you would plan to finish the program. An approximate date is fine! If you're not sure, just enter today's date. That will be close enough!
  • Enter the date you'd like to calculate ROI for. For instance, if you want to find out how much more you will make from your degree over 30 years, just enter a date 30 years from now. By default, the ROI calculator adds 15 years, so it's okay to just use the date it suggests for an accurate number.
  • Enter your current degree level and salary.
  • See your ROI. You'll be able to see the percent to which your investment paid off, as well as the total amount of money you made by getting the degree, versus if you had never gotten it.

To get the numbers we come up with, our ROI calculator uses averages of pay scale data from PayScale.com. Besides the cost of the degree itself, we’ve also factored in the average cost of books and transportation, for the most accurate number possible.

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