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Emma Essen ’19 certainly spent her fair share of time crunching numbers as a double major in actuarial science and mathematics with a minor in computer science, but solving the equation of time management was her true focus. Since graduating, she’s started a career as data analyst and is also a part-time graduate student. Thanks to the foundational skills she built at Olivet College, Emma has felt prepared to achieve her goals.

“I’m from Blissfield, Michigan, and attended Olivet College to continue my soccer career and because of the small connected community the campus has to offer,” Emma said. “I started my full-time job right out of college. I’m working for Stellantis (formally known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles who merged with a European manufacturer and was renamed). I worked in their portfolio planning department as a data analyst for a little over two years. In September 2021, I started a new role within Stellantis as a brand analyst for global sales operations for the Jeep Team. I’ve been with the company, including my internship, for three years.”

Emma‘s undergraduate studies helped her prepare for a career in data analytics, and a double major and minor helped her become more marketable. In addition, Emma also gained a wide range of skills and experiences through her extracurricular involvement and leadership positions with the women’s soccer team, the Association for Women in Mathematics, Gamma Iota Sigma, Association of Computing Machinery, Sigma Zeta and additional volunteering opportunities.

“Being a Comet kept me disciplined in the classroom and on the soccer field. Through balancing my school work, extracurricular activities and work, I developed time management skills and study skills, and now I’m able to prioritize my workload for graduate school as well as for work. OC also allowed me to network and develop professional skills through the career fair and resume workshops. It was a great place for me to earn an education, as well as grow in a community and make lifelong friendships.”

Emma currently attends the Central Michigan Global Campus where she is working toward a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in data analytics.

“I decided to attend graduate school because I wanted to stay competitive within any industry. Stellantis also encourages employees to further their education, and I felt I had the support and flexibility within my schedule to do so,” Emma explained. “I recently started my grad program so I’ve only taken a few classes; however, in the classes I have taken I’ve learned a lot about business operations and information systems that I know I can utilize in my career moving forward. I was surprised to find myself ahead of the game in my first analytics course, but working for a full year before starting grad school definitely helped me enhance my analytical skillset.”

Emma plans to complete her MBA program in fall 2023 and is eagerly looking ahead to a career in the analytics field. Personally, she also has goals to travel and see the world.

Learn more about Olivet College by contacting the Office of Admission at 800-456-7189 or admissions@olivetcollege.edu.



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