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Ben Serrels attended Olivet High School before finding his fit at Olivet College, thanks to the small classrooms and low student-to-faculty ratio. He enjoyed close relationships with professors as a double major in business administration and accounting. Now, Ben works in the field of accounting and credits his OC education in helping on the path to success.
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I attended Olivet High School before I came to Olivet College. Going local with my college decision was a bonus, but I mostly chose Olivet College because it’s a small, intimate campus with small  classrooms. Being more than a student ID that fills a seat is really one of Olivet College’s greatest strengths.
Olivet offered me a number of scholarships that certainly helped me financially along the way. However, it was truthfully every professor I had and every staff member I interacted with who always made me feel welcomed and offered their helped at Olivet College. If I had to name a few, it would be Professor Mike Oyster, chair of the Business Department; Dr. Kirk Hendershott-Kraetzer professor of humanities; Professor Jackie Looser assistant professor of accounting; and Dr. John Homer, professor of economics, for their commitment to others and their wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
I was a part of the Global Citizen Honors Program on campus. Dr. Hendershott-Kraetzer framed the program  as both a challenge and opportunity to push yourself academically, taking your traditional courses beyond established or common standards. I owe much of my found confidence for learning and striving to my participation in the Global Citizen Honors Program.
I also would like to give credit to Professor Looser for being a beacon of encouragement and support during my time at Olivet College. She truly and deeply cares about the well-being and success of each and every student at Olivet College and will help in any way she possibly can, such as staying late, drafting additional study materials, holding group study sessions and so on. I could also give credit to Dr. Homer as well, for he provides a worldly insight that magically fills you with confidence that (with some hard work) you too can achieve much in this life.
Like most students, I wasn’t certain what my career path would look like, where I would be or what my role would be. Toward the end of my academic career at Olivet College, I had uncovered my strengths — within a degree or study that is fairly broad with different disciplines — and Professor Oyster, as my adviser, provided much guidance to where my strengths may shine. I settled into an accounting position at Auto-Owners Insurance. It’s a large company full of opportunity and shaped by a culture of personal development. This aligns with what I’m looking for from my working career — growth and impact — and aligns with my own personal strengths.
My experiences at Olivet College made me more outgoing, more challenging of myself and more involved with life in general. I was always introverted — I was there to work hard but not there to socialize or network. I took up many opportunities that brought me out of my shell, improving my interpersonal skills not only necessary for a great career but for a great life. Some of these experiences include Global Citizen Honors Program events, career fairs, mock interviews, presentations and group work. Another outcome I’d mention and connect to my time at Olivet College would be becoming more involved and committed to those I meet, for Olivet College treats you this way — as an individual.
I would encourage a student to attend Olivet College if they were looking for a learning experience that can be intimate and personal. Ultimately, you can go between your dorm, class and the cafeteria for four years, or you can get a lot out of your college career — and Olivet College is perfect for that sort of leverage.
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