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Olivet College students come from all over the world. We’re very proud of our diversity, so much so that it’s mentioned in our college compact. So when we get the chance to talk about a student like Georges Aoun from Venezuela, we naturally want to share his story.

Coming to the United States

Georges in a senior majoring in business with a concentration in marketing and management. He came to the United States because of a political situation back home and because he wanted to pursue swimming.

“I have been swimming my whole life.” said Georges, “I talked to my parents and coach, and we decided that applying to a college in the U.S. was the best option for me.  Believe it or not, I Googled swimming and diving Division 3, and at that time Olivet was the third option.  I clicked on the link, emailed the coach, and that’s how everything started. Olivet offered me a great scholarship that I could not deny.”

Learning and Growing

Georges has excelled at Olivet College in the four years that he has been here. He’s made some great friends, joined extracurricular groups, bonded with his professors, and swam for the Olivet College swim team for 3 years.

“Being a student here allowed me to learn and grow so much. The part that I like the most is that Olivet is a small school so you actually get to meet the professors and pretty much everyone in your classes. Playing a sport for Olivet will make your college experience even better. It’s like having a family away from home. I made some great memories and best friends that I will never forget.”

Bonding with Professors

Like many students at Olivet College, Georges bonded with his professors. One professor in particular, Clair Stevens, has helped Georges make some tough decisions.

“One of the teachers that I appreciate the most is Clair Stevens. He is the kind of teacher that will do anything for his students. Me and him often sit down and talk about how things are going back home, and what are my plans for the future since I need a green card.”

Clair Stevens has also helped Georges nail down plans for his future career, “I have to say that Clair has been extremely helpful for my future career and pushing me every time to achieve my goals. I know I can count on him anytime and that is one of the reason why I love Olivet, that great interactions that students have with their teachers. I would not change that for anything.”

What the Future Holds

Finishing up his senior year, Georges already has a job lined up after graduation. He’ll be working in online marketing for a company founded by two Olivet College graduates.

When asked if he has any advice for incoming freshman, Georges said, “Olivet will teach you so many things that you will use in the future. The teacher-student relationship is a big plus of coming here.”


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