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Rising senior Patrick Gault is sure of his future goals, and his experience at Olivet College is helping him accomplish things he never thought he would. Hailing from a small town, OC’s family feel and close relationships have been the perfect match for Patrick.
“I come from the small town of Hamilton, and I chose Olivet College for its criminal justice program and being an NCAA Division III school,” Patrick said. “This allowed me to pursue being a student-athlete while studying the major I wish to use in my future career.”
Patrick is a criminal justice major with concentrations in law enforcement and corrections. After graduation, he plans to enter the military and start a career as a military police officer. On campus, Patrick also serves as a resident adviser and a member of the Criminal Justice Honor Society, previously serving as the organization’s vice president and president. He’s confident the roles are helping him develop problem solving and conflict resolution skills that will be essential in his future career. In fact, Patrick was even named the Resident Adviser of the Year and honored with the Outstanding Leadership During a Crisis Situation Award during Honors Week this spring, marking his strong dedication to serving and leading others.
In addition to academics and residence life, Patrick is a member of the swimming and diving team, something that has largely shaped his college experience.
“Coming into college I wanted to swim, and Olivet College made that possible for me,” Patrick said. “Of the many experiences I have had at Olivet College, some of the best experiences have been training trips for swimming. Each December, my team travels to San Diego or Fort Lauderdale for a week to train and sightsee. Until I went to Olivet College, I had barely been outside of Michigan; however, going across the country and being able to say I have swum in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans is one of my top experiences ever.”
Patrick’s relationships formed through the swimming and diving team have also been impactful.
“My relationships at Olivet College have been some of the best I have ever had in my life,” Patrick said. “The best relationship I have is with my swim coach, Rob Brownell. From the moment I stepped on campus, he has been a daily part of my college life, not only during my swim season, but also out of season. He is very dedicated to making sure I succeed in the pool and in life.”
As Patrick heads into his senior year, the feeling is bittersweet. He’s sad to know his college experience is almost over, but eager to continue the wonderful experiences that have positively influenced him.
“My time at Olivet has flown by,” he said. “Attending a small college, I believe, was the best choice I ever made. During my time at OC, I have made friendships that I know will last long after I graduate, and the classes I have attended have given me the knowledge to be successful. I would encourage other students to attend Olivet College because of the small campus atmosphere that circulates success. The staff and faculty at Olivet want to see students thrive  in their short- and long-term goals. Also, at Olivet College you are not a number. Instead, you are an actual person with a name who is recognized by everyone.”
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