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Rising sophomore Jade Smith only just completed her first year at Olivet College, and she’s already found her fit in her major and several clubs on campus. Jade is preparing for a career in the field of psychology, and she’s especially grateful for the professional connections and personal mentors she’s gained in a short time.

Read more about why Jade loves Olivet College.

I’m from the village of Decatur, and I went to high school in Paw Paw. I met an Olivet College staff member while at an arts day event with a few members of my high school. While I knew art was not what I wanted to pursue in college, the staff member I met was incredibly down to earth. I knew Olivet was a college I had to visit. After visiting, I realized how much I loved it and how much I loved being “able to wake up five minutes before your class and still make it early,” as I was told during my tour.

I am in the Global Citizen Honors Program, Women’s Leadership Institute, Optimist Club, Psych Club and LGBTQ+ Support Group on campus. I joined each of these for roughly the same reason — I felt the importance of community within each of these organizations. Relationships matter here, and, even in my short time on campus, being in these organizations makes this clear.

My relationships with my professors have made my first year of college amazing. Specifically, Professor Cea Noyes, J.D., and Professor John Moore, Ph.D., have helped me so much, and I know if I’m ever in a crisis, I can contact either of them with confidence and without worrying about judgment. Professor Moore, along with Professor Will Hagerty, Ph.D., are my advisers, and my experiences with them as advisers have helped me so much. Olivet’s professors are here to help you and see you as people, which is incredibly helpful. I have not had a professor here who I felt did not genuinely work and operate on behalf of their students.

After college, I plan to continue my education, receive a doctorate in psychology and work within a clinical setting. I am currently taking classes centered around this goal, as well as around my minor in social work. I want to help people, and Olivet is helping me in making this goal a reality.

This community makes going to college feel personal and genuine. Olivet College makes me feel at home, as corny as that sounds; the people here are amazing. On a less personal but just as important note, the financial aid offered here is incredible. The College wants to help you and see you succeed, regardless of your background.

I feel proud of where I go to college and of the relationships I have built. It’s crazy to think I would not have some of the amazing connections and friends I have today if I didn’t attend Olivet College.

Learn more about Olivet College by contacting the Office of Admission at 800-456-7189 or admissions@olivetcollege.edu.


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