Money Magazine Names OC a “Best College for Your Money”

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Money magazine has named Olivet College one of its 2017-18 Best Colleges for Your Money. The list ranks colleges according to educational quality, affordability and alumni success. This designation represents the strong commitment Olivet College has to providing a quality, affordable education to students.

“We are pleased to be included on the list of Best Colleges for Your Money. Olivet College prides itself on our quality, value-added liberal arts curriculum,” said Olivet College President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D. “College is a lifetime investment, and our primary goal is to empower our students to embark on a personalized academic journey that prepares them to live and lead in a complex, global world. An Olivet College education provides lifelong value for every student.”


At Olivet College, 99 percent of students receive some form of financial assistance. A common misconception is that private colleges are not affordable, but the OC admissions team goes the extra mile to ensure students understand the ins and outs of scholarships, grants and loans, today’s main forms of financial assistance. The administration and Board of Trustees are committed to providing scholarships based on talent, merit, multiple siblings attending OC, high school attended, military service, participation in extracurricular activities, leadership development, service to community and more. In addition, as the only private college to be a Lansing Promise partner, Olivet College offers scholarships to all eligible high school graduates within the Lansing School District boundaries. Olivet College is also a partner in the Kalamazoo Promise.

“A diverse offering of scholarships helps to foster a diverse campus community,” said Maria Davis, Ph.D., provost and dean of the college. “We want students from all walks of life to have the opportunity to attend college. In fact, many Comets are first-generation college students and our student population is a mix of urban, rural and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Educational Quality

An Olivet education is unique and unrivaled, thanks in part to the OC ADVANTAGE. The four advantages include service learning projects, with hands-on experiences at the core of each program; global learning opportunities that provide diverse and innovative educational experiences abroad; industry-leading internship and research opportunities; and graduation in four years or the fifth year is tuition free when an agreed upon academic plan is followed.

The Olivet ADVANTAGE is coupled with relationships-based learning in the classroom and beyond. With a 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, individualized attention is available in every course. In addition, the weekly seminar group guides students though advising, career preparation and peer mentoring. Beyond the classroom, students are paired with an academic adviser from day one through graduation.

At OC’s core is its liberal arts curriculum that is woven into every student’s course of study, regardless of major. Students study literature, philosophy, global diversity, mathematics and social and physical sciences, as well as participate in required service learning opportunities, to create a well-rounded education. Graduates of OC begin their careers with a heightened knowledge of their technical subject, as well as a greater understanding and awareness of cultures and today’s global world.


The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), a respected national study, found that Olivet College provides its students with a positive educational experience. For example, when compared to other private colleges and universities in Michigan, baccalaureate colleges, and other NSSE participating colleges and universities, more OC seniors reported having a strongly positive experience with faculty, having more quality interactions on campus, and having more collaborative learning experiences. OC freshmen rated teaching practices as more effective than peers at other schools.

“The combination of academic excellence, affordability and successful outcomes is what students and parents look for in their college search,” said Lisa Lehman, assistant vice president for admissions. “We are proud to provide our students an affordable education that enriches their lives intellectually, morally and spiritually in a diverse campus community and that our graduates embody our philosophy to Be More and Do Good.”

The Best College for Your Money

If it’s the best college education for your money that you’re looking for, look no further than Olivet College! Schedule a visit today by contacting the Office of Admissions at admissions@olivetcollege.edu or 800.456.7189.


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