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Give Her a Name

With the expansion and success of OC Athletics, the time has come for a female mascot to team up with the Comet’s beloved Clyde. Before the big unveiling of the mascot, however, she needs to be given a name – one that represents the heart and spirit of the Comets!

We want your opinion on what the OC female mascot should be named. The list of contenders have been narrowed down to two.

  • Haley: A nod to the other famous and true Halley’s Comet. Haley represents strong will and electric energy, taking the world by storm whenever she appears.
  • Olive: A connection to the very beginning and namesake of Olivet College. Olive’s energetic and welcoming personality is contagious to all who cheer on the Red and White!

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Choose one of the names below.
  2. You may cast your opinion daily, but only once per day.
  3. The poll closes Friday, February 9

Thank you for casting your vote! The name will be announced Wednesday, March 7, when the new female mascot and the transformed Clyde costumes are revealed. And, you’ll want to be there this fall when the two are formally introduced to OC Nation – watch for details!

The poll is officially closed.