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Olivet College strives to provide students with the most innovative technology to enhance their studies. State of the art classrooms with the most modern computers and software show student experience is the top priority. One example is the Health and Human (HHP) Department’s recent addition of a Keiser Power Rack and Woodway 4Front Treadmill to their instructional laboratory. This new equipment used in conjunction with the lab’s new computers and software monitors real-time, in-depth results and provides students with the opportunity to learn practical, hands-on skills along with the theoretical knowledge learned in their courses.

Equipping the HHP lab with equipment found in exercise science labs and physical therapy offices provides OC students with technical experiences that mirror a professional setting. The new technology allows students to create and test theories firsthand, in addition to simulating a real-world working environment. For example, students are able to make predictions on how the body responds to stress, then use the lap equipment to model and monitor that exact stress.

“The new lab equipment is a great addition to the HHP Department because it really allows you to take what you have learned in the classroom and apply it within the practice,” said senior Chanler Carmer. “There are so many different pieces of equipment that I didn’t think I would be able to use until I got into the workforce, but now we can. This lab is going to bring the department to the next level by allowing us to learn to use the equipment and interpret results. By gaining the knowledge before we get to the next stages in our life, whether that is graduate school or the workforce, it is going to give Olivet students a leg up.”

Since its founding in 1995, Olivet College’s Health and Human Performance Department has grown to be one of the largest on campus, with over 200 students currently enrolled. A majority of these students are training for careers in rehabilitation, exercise physiology or coaching, or preparing for graduate school in areas such as physical therapy, biomechanics or exercise science.

“Being able to give students a space to practically apply the skills they have developed is essential to prepare them for successful futures,” said Nick Juday, chair and associate professor of the Health and Human Performance program. “I’m pleased that Olivet College is a place where we offer students a top notch education.”

The new Health and Human Performance lab will play an instrumental role in preparing students for graduate school or employment—just one of the countless opportunities available at Olivet. Ready to take the next step into your future? Visit or apply to Olivet College now to learn more.


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